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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Short Afternoon Walk At Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (31 Dec 2013)

I have a little bit of time in the afternoon and decided to go to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve for a quick walk. When I reach the place, the sky was overcast and would likely to rain not too long later.

The first beetle that I encounter was a first-time-encountered Leaf Beetle. The beetle was shiny black like a well polished car with a bit of its bright orange abdomen showing.

Moving further down the trail, a Soldier Beetle (Crudosilis ruficollis) was seen resting on a leaf. It was so hyper-sensitive that it flew away immediately after I took this photograph.

Next beetle was a small 1 mm first-time-encountered Leaf Beetle.

Not too long into the trail, the sky looked like it is going to rain, so I decided to turn back via another path. Just ass when I turned into the path, I was surprised to find this first-time-encountered Flower Chafer Beetle, resting on a broken tree branch.

The human traffic on the trail was exceptionally high even though it is in the afternoon, so I thought the chances of finding more beetles would possibly be slim. Nevertheless I am still hopeful to find some interesting beetles on the trail. The next beetle that appear after a long walk was this first-time-encountered 2 mm Leaf Beetle.

Further down on the path was this lovely 4 mm Leaf Beetle resting on a fern leaf.

The path led into a shaded area where this first-time-encountered metallic blue Leaf Beetle was found. It looked very much like the other similar looking Leaf Beetle except that the antennae were not yellow color at the last three segments at the tip..

Moving to a tall plant, I noticed a slight brownish dot moving around the stem and found this first-time-encountered small 3 mm Fungus Weevil. It was highly alert and flew off before I can get a good shot of it. Included this slightly blurry shot as a record of what I found on the trip.

Near to the Fungus Weevil was a Ladybird Beetle (Henosepilachna cucurbitae) hidding under a new leaf.

Almost at the exit of the trail, a beautiful Net-winged Beetle (Dictyoptera aurora) was found resting on a leaf in the open.

The last beetle was a Fungus Beetle that was found under a rotten tree log, possibly resting and awaiting for the night to fall. Just then the sky started to drizzle.

Although the trip was short due to the rain (which is common during the monsoon season), I was able to photograph 6 first-time-encountered beetles. This is indeed a very fruitful trip.