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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Short Walk At Kent Ridge Park (13 Jun 2013)

I was around Clementi area and had some in-between time in the late morning so I decided to go to the nearby Kent Ridge Park for a short walk.

The first beetle that appeared in this manicured park was this leaf beetle (Colasposoma auripenne). The place seemed to be teeming with this type of beetle as a large number of them were seen on different plants in the park.

The next beetle looked like a Tumbling Flower Beetle. It was a rather small beetle at about 3 mm.

The next was a really tiny (< 2 mm) and hyper-active beetle. Before I can photograph it properly it flew away, leaving me with a blurry photograph. I have included it here to document what I saw during the trip.

The highlight of the trip was this Tiger Beetle (Cicindela aurulenta), a commonly seen Tiger Beetle around our parks. The surprise was that it allowed me to photograph it in close proximity without running away as they usually would.

The last beetle that I came across was this brightly colored Lady Bird Beetle. It was found resting under a big leaf.

Just when I am done photographing this beetle, my in-between time was also up. Although this is a short trip, it was still an interesting one.

Next week I will be overseas for a short break and hopefully I can still catch some overseas beetle actions.