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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Night Walk Along Tagore Drive (27 Jun 2014)

My friend and I was planning for a walk along of Tagore Drive. This is the first time that we are visiting the place and do not know what to expect. This is a road along side a military training area and hence the walk was limited to the vegetation on the fringe along side the road. 

The first beetle that came along was a Leaf Beetle (Aulacophora frontalis).

Although the vegetation is lush, there were not many insects encountered. After walking a short while without seeing any beetle, this Chafer Beetle (Adoretus compressus) resting on a leaf was a welcomed sight.

A stone's throw away was another Chafer Beetle (Aprosterna pallide). This was an interesting find as it's been a while I last encountered this type of beetle in the wild.

As we approached the end of the road, we found out that there was a massive construction work and hence we have to turn back. Just as we were turning back, a first-time-encountered Weevil Beetle was found hiding under a leaf.

Just when we were about to reach the starting point, we chanced upon this Ladybird Beetle. It looked like the Epilachna admirabilis Ladybird Beetle but I am not too sure as the spots on the elytra looked different.

Just a few meters from the Ladybird Beetle was this diurnal Leaf Beetle (Lema diversa).

It was still pretty early and we decided to walk on along the side of another road that fringes the military training area. As we moved along the road, several of this Darkling Beetles were found clinging onto the side of a few trees.

On the same tree with the Darkling Beetles was this lovely patterned Fungus Beetle.

On another tree nearby was this small Fungus Beetle that looked very much black in color until I zoomed in for a closer look.

Coming to a patch of low bushes, a Leaf Beetle was resting at the tip of a leaf.

A few steps away from the Leaf Beetle was the highlight of the trip, a Long Horned Beetle (Epepeotes luscus). It has been a while that I last encountered the Epepeotes luscus Long Horned Beetle.

Near to the Long Horned Beetle was a tree stump and on it were two of this Tumbling Flower Beetle (Mordella holomelaena). This beetle is entirely black in color; the pattern on its elytra in the photograph was due to the flash.

On a nearby creeper plant was this Tortoise Beetle (Laccoptera nepalensis).

Further down on a tree was a large 10 mm Darkling Beetle which remained motionless throughout my photographing.

On another tree was another Darkling Beetle (3 mm) which was a fraction of the 10 mm Darkling Beetle.

Yet another Darkling Beetle (~6 mm) was crawling on another tree trunk.

On the same tree as the Darkling Beetle was this small Fungus Beetle (Beccariola coccinella).

Time flew past quickly and it was time to go. The last beetle was a commonly encountered Chafer Beetle (Apogonia expeditionis) that was hiding in a dense bush.

The trip started off not too promising but the later part of the trip was much more fruitful than expected. Will surely consider coming to this area again in the future.