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Friday, 8 May 2015

Night Walk At Pasir Ris Farmway (08 May 2015)

It rained in the afternoon and it looked set to rain in the night. I have been looking forward for the whole week to test out my new DIY flash diffuser, so I took the risk and went to Pasir Ris Farmway as the sky over that part of Singapore looked slightly clear.

When I reached the place, the sky was rumbling a bit and there were occasional flashes of lightning. I quickly setup my camera and jumped right into actions. This is the first time I am doing macro photography at this place and am not sure what I would find.

Here's a photograph of a commonly encountered Lynx Spider which I thought was eating a leaf hopper when I took the photograph. It was only later when I was preparing the photographs for this blog that I noticed that it was eating another spider.

The first beetle for the trip was a pair of Chafer Beetle (Apogonia expeditionis) and there were many of them at the place.

I was rather disappointed as the only type of beetle I encountered after walking for about 15 minutes are all the Apogonia expeditionis Chafer Beetle. I was elated to find this Chafer Beetle (Adoretus compressus) on the underside of a leaf, probably getting ready for the impending rain.

It was only after walking for another while that I found a fallen tree with several of this 5 mm Darkling Beetles on it.

More walking before I found this Tortoiseshell Beetle (Cassida circumdata) on a leaf of a morning glory plant.

Next to the Tortoiseshell Beetle was a Tiger Beetle (Cicindela aurulenta).

The last beetle of the trip was a first-time-encountered Leaf Beetle. This beetle looked very much like the Aulacophora indica Leaf Beetle but differs in its rounder and broader elytra. The antennae of the beetle is also uniform in color, unlike that of Aulacophora indica Leaf Beetle which has some shades of black on its antenna.

The trip ended less than two hours as the number of beetles found were outnumbered by the number of mosquitoes at the place.Not too sure if the small number of beetles found was due to the impending rain, but for sure this is less fruitful as compared to Pasir Ris Park.