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Friday, 17 July 2015

Morning Walk At Dairy Farm Nature Park (17 Jul 2015)

With the not so fruitful trip the night before, I decided to go to the Dairy Farm Nature Park for a walk since it is a public holiday. The weather was dry but when I reached the place, my heart sank as the place looked like it just rained with the vegetation dripping with water. Seemed like it will be one of those not so fruitful trips.

The walk from the car park to the trail to ZhengHua Park see zero actions and it was only after walking to the end of the trail that I found this small Darkling Beetle (Strongylium tenuipes) on the side of a small tree.

Near to the Darkling Beetle was this Lizard Beetle (Languria mozardi) warming up on a leaf.

No more actions until I entered the Wallace Trail which is adjacent to the trail leading to ZhengHua Park. The first beetle that I encountered on Wallace Trail was this small 5 mm Net-winged Beetle (Xylobanellus erythropterus). I always like to photograph this beetle because of its bright red color which contrasted nicely with the fresh green leaf.

One of the interesting thing about Dairy Farm Nature Park is that you can find a number of different Tiger Beetles. Possibly due to the wet weather, I only managed to find this 5.5 legged Tiger Beetle (Therates dimidiatus) during this trip.

Moving on for another 10 minutes without finding any beetle, this beetle larvae on the side of a tree was a welcomed sight.

I slowed down my pace further to hopefully find more beetles. Thankfully, I was able to find this 3 mm beetle which usually come out after rain.

Nearby was another Net-winged Beetle (Calopteron rubricolle).

Near to the Net-winged Beetle was a dying palm tree and on it was this lovely orange color Fungus Beetle.

More walking without finding any beetle, so I was not about to give this small 1.5 mm Leaf Beetle a miss when an ant came by to check out the beetle.

It was almost at the end of the Wallace Trail that I came across this all time favorite Fungus Beetle (Stenotarsus pardalis) resting on a leaf.

It was time to call it a day and as I was walking towards the exit, this first-time-encountered Pintail Beetle was found resting motionlessly on leaf, looking very much like an insect poop at a casual glance.

The last beetle was a Chafer Beetle (Maladera castanea) found just meters from the car park.

I am thankful that even though the trip was a little disappointing, I am still able to find a first-time-encountered Pintail Beetle.

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