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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Short Morning Walk At Lower Peirce Reservoir (26 Sep 2015)

After sending my car for servicing to a servicing center near to Lower Peirce Reservoir, I took the opportunity to take a short walk at Lower Peirce Reservoir to see if I could catch some beetle actions.

The weather was dry and slightly hazy, so I know that the chances of finding beetles would be much lower.

The first beetle that I encountered was a Leaf Beetle (Colasposoma auripenne) commonly encountered at Lower Peirce Reservoir.

After walking for a while without finding any beetles, I was thrilled to find this first-time-encountered Jewel Beetle. It was a little challenging photographing this beetle because it was about 1.5 meters from the edge of the boardwalk (over water) and I have to hold up my camera straight in front of me in order to get close to this small 5 mm beetle. 

The next beetle was only encountered after having walked for another 15 min or so. It was a small 5 mm Pintail Beetle.

The highlight of the trip was a first-time-encountered Leaf Beetle. When I first found it, I thought that it was the metallic blue Leaf Beetle that I frequently encountered. As I zoomed in on the beetle, I realized that the shape of the beetle looked very much like the earlier Colasposoma auripenne Leaf Beetle, except that the color is metallic blue instead of metallic bronze color.

A stone's throw from the Leaf Beetle was another Pintail Beetle.

The last beetle of the trip was a metallic blue Leaf Beetle. This was the metallic blue Leaf Beetle that I mentioned earlier on.

Although the trip was not very fruitful, I am glad that I am able to find two first-time-encountered beetles, especially the metallic blue colored Leaf Beetle.

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