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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Morning Walk At Lower Peirce Reservoir (21 Nov 2015)

My best friend Cameron messaged me in the morning to ask me if I would join him and his daughter Samantha for a spider hunting trip at Lower Peirce Reservoir. Samantha is currently researching the Cosmophasis umbratica Jumping Spiders for her university studies, and so I gladly agreed especially since the disappointing trip the night before.

Although the focus of the trip was to find Jumping Spiders, I took the opportunity to also look for beetles, albeit that we are only looking among the Ixora plants (Ixora congesta). The first beetle encountered besides the Jumping Spiders was this lone metallic colored Leaf Beetle, resting under a leaf.

The highlight of the trip for me was the encounter with this first-time-encountered 3 mm Weevil Beetle on a stalk of Ixora flower.

There were a number of this small 1 mm Leaf Beetles found among the leaves of the Ixora plants.

Although the intention of the trip was to look for Jumping Spiders, I am glad to be able to find some beetles, especially the first-time-encountered Weevil Beetle.

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