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Friday, 1 April 2016

Night Walk At Singapore Quarry Trail (01 Apr 2016)

I originally planned to go to the Dairy Farm Nature Reserve with my friend Reynard, but later decided to go on the Singapore Quarry Trail instead as it has been a long while since I last visited the place.

It has been a rather hot and dry week and I am expecting the worse. Sure enough the place looked bone dry and many of the small vegetation along the side of the trail were withering, just like this ginger plants.

The first beetle for the trip was an Ant-like Flower Beetle (Anthelephila cyanea) under a huge Elephant Ear Plant's leaf.

Likely because of the dry weather, I only found this 3 mm Darkling Beetle after walking for 15 minutes or so.

We walked for a while without finding any beetles until Reynard called out to me that he found a beetle on a railing. When I went over to take a look, I was intrigued to find this Leaf Beetle (Hemipyxis semiviridis) on it.

More walking without finding anything until we reached a patch of small trees where this not so healthy beetle larvae was found.

Near to the beetle larvae was a 10 mm roundish Darkling Beetle.

Immediately above was a 5 mm Fungus Weevil.

More walking without finding any beetle. In fact, I didn't see many other insects except small moths which were attracted to our torchlight. This small 3 mm Ground Beetle (Minuthodes multisetosa) came as a surprise when I was checking out a fallen tree.

On the same fallen tree was a small 3 mm Darkling Beetle (Amarygmus splendidulus).

As I was lamenting in my heart about having made a back decision of going on this trail, i stumbled upon this 8 mm Darkling Beetle on a small tree.

The last beetle for the trip was another Darkling Beetle (Strongylium tenuipes).

It was a less than ideal trip but it was not unexpected. We only found a handful of beetles, possibly due to the super dry weather that we are experiencing now. Hoped this will quickly pass as the temperature in Singapore is getting unbearable warm, with temperature going up as high as 35 C in the afternoon.

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