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Friday, 31 March 2017

Flew In Visitors (31 Mar 2017)

It has been raining quite a bit this week and it rained heavily once again in the late afternoon, so reluctantly I have to give my weekly macro-photography session a miss.  Well, all is not lost as I expected previously (Flew In Visitors (17 Feb 2017), I did encounter some more flew-in beetles. Here's showing them in lieu of my weekly beetle photographs.

This was a tiny 1 mm beetle that landed on my computer's USB cable. It was a highly active beetle and it took me a bit of efforts to keep up with it,

From the USB cable, it decided to crawl onto my hand phone.

And then back to the USB cable.

The next beetle was found in the multi-storey car park where I parked my car today. It was found clinging to the wall near to where my car was parked. This is a 10 mm Darkling Beetle.

Like before I would end by saying that I am very sure that I will encounter more flew-in beetles in the future.

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