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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Flew In Visitors (18 Mar 2018)

The weather for the past months has not been good and hence I was not able to go for my regular night macro sessions. With a recent encounter with a fly-in Long Horned Beetle, I decided to do another post on the flew-in beetles.

The first flew-in beetle was a 4 mm Broad-nose Weevil encountered at a lift lobby.

The second beetle was a False Click Beetle found along a corridor. Sadly, when I found it was already dead.

This beetle was from a larvae that I found in my flower pot. Out of curiosity, I kept the larvae to see what beetle it is. After several weeks of keeping it in a container of leaf litters, I was glad to find this 5 mm Mango Chafer (Protaetia acuminata) in the container.

The last beetle was a Long Horned Beetle that I found in my office's car park. It looked like the faded Coptops annulipes Long Horned Beetle. I am not sure if it is a different species as I previously have encountered similar Long Horned Beetle with the same coloration and pattern.

As like previous post on flew-in beetles, I am confident that there will be more of such fly-in beetles in the future.

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