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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Morning Walk At Windsor Nature Park (11 Aug 2018)

It has been quite a while that I did any macro photography in the morning, and so I decided to change this Friday's night macro session to the next morning. In order to have a higher chance of success, I have chosen the Windsor Nature Park.

Here's a photograph of some interesting fungus that I found growing on some rotting wood. Each round "ball" is less than 1 mm in size.

The first beetle for the trip was a 3 mm Spiny Leaf Beetle, found on a blade of grass.

Near to the Spiny Leaf Beetle was a skittish Leaf Beetle (Lema diversa) which proved to be a challenge to photograph due to its constant flying about.

Just a stone's throw away was another slightly bigger 5 mm Spiny Leaf Beetle (Dicladispa armigera) resting on a leaf.

Further down the path were several of the Elephant Ear Plant (Alocasia Macrorrhiza) where this lone Ant-like Flower Beetle (Anthelephila cyanea) was found.

Just before the entrance to the Venus Loop, I was glad to find this 2 mm Leaf Beetle (Lema cyanella) hiding under a leaf.

As I was combing through the low bushes for beetles, this 3 mm Net-winged Beetle caught my eyes with its bright red coloration. Upon closer examination, I was surprised to see that it has a deformed elytra. Just when I was wanting to take more shots, it promptly flew off into the thick bushes.

It was only after a while of walking that I found this lovely Fungus Beetle (Stenotarsus pardalis) resting on a low bush. It remained pretty much motionless through all the camera flashes. How I wish all the beetles I found are like this. :)

Finally I came to a fallen log where several different beetles were found. Here's a Pleasing Fungus Beetle (Triplatoma gestroi) munching on the tree bark.

Next to the Pleasing Fungus Beetle was another Fungus Beetle (Episcapha xanthopustulata).

On the other end of the fallen log was this 10 mm Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus assamensis).

Near to the Fungus Beetle was a relatively big beetle larva.

While I was photographing the beetle larva, my eyes were attracted to a "flash" of pink and found this pretty pink color Fungus Weevil.

Moving on, I came across a highly rotten tree where several Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus tetraspilotus) were found hiding under a big bracket fungus mushroom.

Just centimeters away from the Eumorphus tetraspilotus Fungus Beetle was this lone Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus politus).

More walking before I encounter this lovely Leaf Beetle (Arcastes biplagiata) under a leaf. This turned out to be a lesson on how to contort my body in order to get a good shot of it.

The last beetle for the trip was a beetle larva, resting on a small tree.

Although the number of beetles encountered was much lower than what I usually get when I visit Windsor Nature Park, I am still glad to be able to find so many beetles on this trip. At the same time, I am happy that I can test out a new set of DIY flash diffuser. This new set of diffusers work better than expected, as can be seen from the photographs above. 

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