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Monday 29 April 2024

Night Walk At Lower Pierce Reservoir Park (26 Apr 2024)

 The weather for the past few weeks have been hotter than usual,  and based on my past experience the likelihood of finding beetles in such dry weather also decreases significantly. Nevertheless, I decided to go to the Lower Pierce Reservoir Park for a macro photography session to test out my latest macro camera rig.

Here's a photograph of a milliped encountered at the place.

Darkling Beetle ~ 2mm

Darkling Beetle ~ 10 mm

Sap Beetle ~ 3 mm

Darkling Beetle (Ceropria induta) ~ 10 mm

Ground Beetle (Catascopus dalbertisi) ~ 15 mm

Darling Beetle (Cryphaeus gazella - Female) ~ 10 mm

Darkling Beetle (Eucyrtus anthracinus) ~ 20 mm

Chafer Beetle (Adoretus compressus) ~ 10 mm

Darkling Beetle (Strongylium erythrocephalum) ~ 15 mm

Ground Darkling Beetle ~ 10 mm

Click Beetle (Pectocera babai) ~ 15 mm

Darkling Beetle ~ 3 mm

First-time-encounter Ground Beetle (Pheropsophus picicollis) ~ 20 mm

This trip was surprisingly fruitful and I was able to find a good number of beetles. At the same time, I was able to have a good test of my new macro camera rig. And most interestingly was the first-time encountered Ground Beetle (Pheropsophus picicollis). After visiting the place several times this year, I noticed that the place is infested with Sandflies recently. So if you are planning to visit the place, do apply mosquitoes repellant on your body to avoid being bitten by them.

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