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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Morining Walk At Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (08 Jun 2013)

The morning looked wonderful for a walk, so I decided to head for the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It has been a while since I last visited the place and I was looking forward to the walk. It has been raining in the night for the past few day so I was expecting that the place to be wet in the morning.

The first beetle that appeared was this Spiny Leaf Beetle. It looked similar to one of the Spiny Leaf Beetles that I came across previously but this differed in the orange coloration on the elytra (the other Spiny Leaf Beetle has its elytra entirely black).

The next beetle that appeared was a beetle that come out in large numbers after rain.

Moving down the wet and slightly muddy track, a Pleasing Fungus Beetle was found resting on a leaf next to a rotten log.

Moving along to a sunny part of the trail, a Leaf Beetle (Lema diversa) was found basking in the sun. I was taken by surprise that it remained still for a while for me to photograph it as this beetle is hyper-sensitive to movements. Guess that it is still warming up its engine.

Walking into a shaded area, a lovely Twenty-Eight Spot Ladybird Beetle (Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata) landed on a leaf right in front of me. This is a cute beetle with a super long scientific name.

Walking further, I found another Spiny Leaf Beetle on a blade of grass.

Near to the Spiny Leaf Beetle was a tiny beetle (~2 mm).

Walking to a clearing, a Tiger Beetle was found motionless on a leaf. This is an interesting encounter as like all Tiger Beetles, this beetle is hyper-sensitive and yet it allowed me to photograph it without moving at all.

Moving further down the trail, I found this tiny beetle (~2 mm).

There was a black speck on a blade of grass and upon closer examination, I found this lovely beetle. It looked like a Leaf Beetle.

The surprise find was this Net-winged Beetle resting under a shade.

Hiding at the base of a fig tree was this black beetle.

The weather became warmer as I walked toward the Durian Loop. This lovely metallic beetle was resting on a leaf. Like the earlier Tiger Beetle, it also allowed me to photograph it without moving at all.

Almost at the U-turn point, this beetle appeared.

A tiny beetle (2 mm) was moving slowly on a leaf'. I initially thought that it is the tiny beetle that is in abundance after rain, but upon closer examination, it turned out to be a Silken Fungus Beetle (Triplax rufipes).

On another leaf was this nice little yellowish Leaf Beetle.

More beetles turned up as the surrounding became warmer. This Leaf Beetle was found warming itself up.

After photographing the above beetle, it took another 15-20 min before this small beetle (~2 mm) appeared.

Another cute Ladybird beetle flew past and landed on a  badly eaten leaf in front of me.

Resting on a palm tree leaf was this little beetle that looked a little like the Silken Fungus Beetle but with an orange coloration at the end of its elytra. Not sure if it belongs to the same family.

It was almost at the end of the walk and the weather has turned from cool and wet, to hot and humid.  A Tiger Beetle (Cicindela aurulenta) was seen foraging on the track.

The last beetle that appeared at the end of the trip was this beetle.

The trip was a successful one as I managed to take photographs of 22 different beetles despite starting off with a wet morning.