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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Morining Walk At Venus Drive (01 Jun 2013)

It rained heavily the night before and spoiled my plan to go for a night shoot. The morning was exceptionally sunny with blue sky and only a few scattered clouds, a perfect weather for a walk at Venus Drive. The vegetation at the place was pretty wet but nevertheless my enthusiasm was not dampened.

Looking around a patch of tall grasses, a Spiny Leaf Beetle flew past and landed on a blade of grass.

After a few minutes of chasing the beetle around and photographing it, I was taken by surprise by this Ladybird Beetle that landed directly in front of me. Guess that my reflexes are not as fast as the beetle and I was only able to get two shots of it before it flew away. What a wasted opportunity to photograph this lovely beetle.

The next beetle was a Leaf Beetle (Lema rufotestacea) sun tanning on a leaf. It remained pretty still while it was warming up its 'engine'.

A stone's throw away was another Leaf Beetle (Lema diversa). Unlike the earlier Leaf Beetle, this one was hyper-sensitive to movements. Fortunately, I was able to close in on it and took some closeup photograph of this colorful beetle.

Moments later, another Leaf Beetle (Lema cyanella) decided to join in the photo-shoot.

Moving on, a small beetle (~8 mm) was found on a blade of lovely red leaf. This was the same kind of beetle that I came across at the Tampines Eco Green Park.

A surprise find was this Net-winged Beetle (Dictyopera aurora).  It is rather small compared to the other Net-winged Beetle that I usually come across.

Moving on to a fallen tree log, a Fungus Beetle was spotted beneath some bracket fungus.

As mentioned before, you can easily find this beetle after rain. I easily came across about 10 of this beetle during this trip.

At another tree log, I found this lovely Fungus Beetle (Platydema monoceros). Notice the 'horn' at the tip of its thorax.

On the the same tree log was this Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus assamenis).

Moving into a shaded part of the trail, this lovely red beetle turned up.

Moving further, a tiny (~2 mm) Leaf Beetle was quietly sitting on top of this leaf.

Moving along the trail, I came across this interesting beetle that was crawling on this leaf with some difficulties. This beetle looked the same as a similar beetle that I came across earlier on but with a slight variation in terms of color.

Under a big leaf was this brightly colored Ladybird Beetle. Love the color of this beetle. Notice that it is still pretty wet, probably due to the rain a night before.

At almost the end of the shaded path, a brown Leaf Beetle appeared. Pardon the dimly lit photograph.

An interesting looking Leaf Beetle flew past while I was looking around for beetles.

After a short while of photographing the above interesting looking beetle, a Fungus Beetle flew across the path. This was a surprise because it was flying in broad day light, which is something nocturnal creatures would not do.

On a low bush nearby, I found this interesting-looking Weevil Beetle. It was rather hyperactive and was moving around. Notice how wet the leaf and you can imagine how heavy the rain was the night before.

Then another Leaf Beetle appeared. Lovely color contrast.

Almost at the end of the trail, I found this beetle sitting on the edge as though it was wanting to watch the world passing by. This beetle was about 2 mm in size.

Every time when I past by this big tree, I will surely look for this type of beetle. This time round, I only managed to find this one. I wondered what happened to the rest of the beetles.

After almost two hours on the trail, I found this lovely pink Net-winged Beetle resting on a blade of grass.

Despite the wet condition at Venus Drive, I was able to photograph some interesting beetles. How wonderful!