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Saturday, 24 August 2013

A Quick Morning Walk At Venus Drive (24 Aug 2013)

I had a little in-between time before the next appointment, so I decided to go for a short walk at Venus Drive. Instead of taking the usual Venus Drive trail, I decided to take a walk around the parameter of the place.

The first beetle that I encountered was this Spiny Leaf Beetle. It was highly sensitive to my camera flashes and flew away after a few shots.

Near to the Spiny Leaf Beetle under some shade was this Leaf Beetle. It looked very much like the Lema diversa Leaf Beetle but differs in having a black spot on its thorax. Also, its red color is much more intense compared to the Lema diversa Leaf Beetle that I came across previously. Not sure if it is a different type of beetle.

[After note: After searching the internet for a while, I finally managed to identify this Leaf Beetle to be Oulema sayi.]

Moving further down the parameter, I found this tiny (~2 mm) Fungus Beetle (Triplax rufipes) resting on a leaf.

On a nearby low bush was this tiny Ladybird Beetle (Cryptogonus orbiculus). This beetle looked slightly different from my previous encounter with the Cryptogonus orbiculus Ladybird Beetle - the yellow color face and the spots on the elytra were yellowish-orange as compared to reddish-orange in the next photograph, which happened to be taken further down the trip. Not sure if it is a different beetle or just some sexual dimorphism. To be confirmed.

Moving along some wild grass patch, I found this first time encountered tiny 1 mm beetle on a blade of leaf.

Moving on, I found a plant that are full of this first time encountered Leaf Beetle (Altica cyanea). It looked very much like the other metallic blue Leaf Beetle (Lema cyanella) except for the shape of its elytra.

Moving further down a patch of tall grass, I found this cool looking Spiny Leaf Beetle (Dicladispa armigera) that looked like it came from the Batman Movies.

On a nearby blade of grass was this first time encountered Leaf Beetle (Hispine sp).

A surprised find was this Net-winged Beetle clinging on to the tip of a blade of grass. I particularly like the color of this beetle.

Hiding among some thick brushes was this tiny (~2 mm) and interestingly patterned  Fungus Weevil. This is another first time encountered beetle.

Sunning itself under the hot sun was this White Borer Beetle (Xylotrechus javanicus). It remained pretty much motionless despite the numerous camera flashes at it.

Moving to a fallen log, I found one of my favorite Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus politus).

On the same log with the Fungus Beetle was this interesting beetle larvae, which moved about very quickly like a beetle.

Another Fungus Beetle was found nearby to the beetle larvae. From the look of the beetle's elytra, the beetle might had a narrow escape sometime back.

My time was up and as I was walking towards the car park, I found this hairy looking Weevil Beetle. This is also a first time encountered beetle.

Although the trip was short, I am glad that I have decided to take a different route. In view of the number of first time encountered beetles, I would gladly say that it is successful trip, albeit the route was much hotter than the shaded path that I usually take.