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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Evening Walk At The Singapore Botanic Garden (30 Aug 2013)

Was around Singapore Botanic Garden so I decided to take a walk there to see if there are any interesting beetle actions in the night. The sun was about to set when my journey began.

The first beetle that I found was a surprise find - a Spiny Leaf Beetle (Discladispa armigera).

Near to the Spiny Leaf Beetle was this tiny (~1 mm) beetle. It looked like a tiny black speck until I zoomed in to see the lovely orange coloration.

The next beetle was another pleasant surprise, a small 5 mm Jewel Beetle feeding on a fern leaf. This is the second time I came across this beetle, the last was at Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Moving down to an area of some chest height bushes, I found this tiny (~2 mm) Weevil Beetle. It was very hyperactive and photographing it was a real challenge, especially in the wind.

Hidden under the lush leaves was this Leaf Beetle. It looked like the Colasposoma auripenne Leaf Beetle except that it is brownish instead of metallic in color.

On some nearby bushes were these tiny (~2 mm) beetles. They are the same shape and sizes but differed in their patterns and coloration. Pardon the quality of the photographs as it was pretty windy at the place and the beetles were very sensitive to the camera flash and flew off after just one or two shots.

Moving to an area where there are several small ponds, I was fortunate to still find a few of this Water Beetle (Donacia javana) at that moment when the sun was almost set.

Along the side of a paved path was a row of low hedges where I chanced upon this Weevil Beetle (Curculio imitator). This beetle was so alert that it immediately flew off upon my first flash shot of it.

Around the same low hedge was this lovely Ladybird Beetle (Chilocorus circumdatus).

Another small (~ 2 mm) Ladybird Beetle was found hiding between the fold of a leaf.

Coming to a part of the garden where there were a large patch of air potato plants and some tall bamboo-like grass, several of this lovely colored Leaf Beetles (Aulacophora lewisii) were found flying around looking for place to rest.

On a nearby air potato leaf was this Ladybird Beetle (Henosepilachna implicata) getting ready for the night.

Moving along a stretch of 10 feet tall hedges, I found this Soldier Beetle on a leaf at the base of the hedge.

I had intentionally waited for the sky to be completely dark before I headed for the primary forest area, hoping to find some interesting beetles. Much to my disappointment, I only managed to find two beetles in the area. One was a first time encountered Darkling Beetle and the other was a Chafer Beetle (Phyllophaga marginalis).

After walking for a long while without finding any beetles, I decided to head for home. While making my way to the garden's exit, I found a huge tree with 3 different sizes of similar looking Darkling Beetles on it. The smallest was 2 mm, the mid-size beetle was about 4 mm and the largest was about 6 mm.

The last beetle that I found before I exited from the garden was this brown colored Chafer Beetle.

The trip was pretty fruitful with some surprised encounters. I would probably go to this place again in the morning and not in the night, unless I wanted to have some good workout for my legs.