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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Night Walk At Venus Drive (21 Mar 2014)

Just after I posted my last week's blog, the sky started to rain and it continued to rain through out the entire week, thus ending one of the driest  months in Singapore's history. I am so glad that the rain came, in fact most people in Singapore welcomed the relief that the rain brought. I am definitely sure that our nature and all its critters in it welcomed this long awaited rain.

I was looking forward to see the effects of the rain on Venus Drive and so Venus Drive it was. When I reached Venus Drive I thought my hope of finding beetles there was dashed as the place was very wet, apparently it was just after a heavy rain storm. Although the chances of finding beetles after the rain is rather slim, I am still happy as I saw signs of the place recovering from the long dry spell - fungus of all type began to appear all over the place. I am particularly happy to see new bracket fungus growing on the moist fallen logs.

 With little expectation I started my walk. The first beetle that greeted me was a Chafter Beetle (Apogonia aequabilis) and it was having a drink from a rain drop on a leaf.

Just a few steps from the Apogonia aequabilis Chafer Beetle, was another Chafer Beetle (Apogonia expeditionis).

Yet another few steps away was this Chafer Beetle (Adoretus compressus).

The gladness of finding beetles so quickly was soon replaced with concerns that the rain has drove the beetles into hiding. It was almost 15 minutes later before I came across this Darkling Beetle next to the clearing.

On a nearby fallen log was this 4 mm Fungus Beetle. This beetle was sensitive that it only allowed me one photograph and went under the log to hide.

On a nearby log was a first-time-encountered beetle. It looked the same like a previously encountered beetle but differs in its smooth elytra.

Moving to another fallen log, I was so glad to once again see a large group of this Fungus Beetle which seemed to have disappeared totally during the dry spell.

On the same log was this Darkling Beetle (Cryphaeus gazelle). This is a female beetle as it lacks the prominent horns of the male beetle.

The next beetle was a surprise find as I have not come across it for a long while. It is a Fungus Beetle.

The rain has brought out one of my favorite Ground Beetle (Catascopus dalbertisi). I always like the color of this lovely beetle.

On another tree log in the clearing, a large 20 mm Darkling Beetle (Promethis valga) was seen resting on the side of the log. It dwarfed a Fungus Weevil which was next to it.

Moving to another log, I was glad to find the yellow spotted Fungus Beetle which also seemed to have disappeared during the dry weather. In fact I still have not seen the commonly encountered Eumorphus politus Fungus Beetle. Hoped they survived the dry weather.

On another log were about 10 of this small 4 mm beetle.

On the same log were a number of this Fungus Weevil. This is a commonly encountered Fungus Weevil but to date I was still not able to find its name.

On a vine next to the log was this Handsome Fungus Beetle. It felt so good to know this lovely beetle survived the dry weather.

On a near by log were several of this small (~ 3 mm) Ground Beetle (Pericalus tetrastigma).

While photographing the above Ground Beetle, I accidentally saw this 2 mm beetle near by.

Staying motionlessly on the side of another log was this lone Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus assamensis). It's been a while that I come across this type of beetle since the dry weather started.

Near to the Fungus Beetle was this curious looking beetle which I still don't know what type of beetle it is.

I was surprised to encounter this Hister Beetle. It looked like it is Platysoma leconti but I cannot be sure.

The sky started to thunder and it signaled that it was about time for me to leave. Just as I was making my way to the exit, this tiny 2 mm Fungus Weevil.

Just inches away from the Fungus Weevil was this 3 mm Fungus Beetle.

The trip was unexpectedly fruitful given that it rained just before I started the trip.