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Friday, 21 August 2015

Night Walk At Pasir Ris Park (21 Aug 2015)

The weather was very dry and the chances of finding beetles to photograph would be lower. Driven by the eagerness of wanting to test out a new combination of diffusers, I decided to go to Pasir Ris Park for a night macro session as it is pretty convenient for me using public transport to get there.

The place was dry like a bone and I am already perspiring profusely while setting up my camera. In my mind, I am expecting one of those sweaty fruitless trip. Fortunately, my focus of this trip is more to field test the flash diffusers and so I would be happy as long as the photographs turned out right. Here is a photograph of a cicada emerged from its late nymph stage. I often see the empty cicada molt on my photography sessions and seldom came across cicada emerging, it was indeed a treat for the night.

The first beetle of the trip was a Chafer Beetle (Adoretus compressus) resting on a leaf. There were many of this type of beetle at the place.

Near to the Adoretus compressus Chafer Beetle was this Chafer Beetle (Apogonia expeditionis), which I found on a dead leaf on the ground. Like the Adoretus compressus Chafer Beetle, the place was teeming with the Apogonia expeditionis Chafer Beetle.

Besides the Adoretus compressus Chafer Beetle and Apogonia expeditionis Chafer Beetle, no other beetles were encountered. Only after a good 15 min of walking before I found this Chafer Beetle (Maladera castanea) on a low Acacia tree (Acacia auriculiformis). Interestingly, there were dozens of them on this small tree.

More walking without seeing any beetles, I was almost wanting to give up and call it a day when this large Chafer Beetle (Phyllophaga marginalis) was seen on a tall bush by the side of a walking path.

Further down the path was a colony of Tiger Beetle (Cicindela aurulenta). Curiously, this is the only type of Tiger Beetle that I found in the night for all my night walks. Not sure where do the other types of Tiger Beetle sleep in the night.

The next beetle was a small 5 mm Darkling Beetle found next to the emerged Cicada at the beginning of the post.

Coming to some Sea Hibiscus (Talipariti tiliaceum), I eagerly looked for a type of small 3 mm Leaf Beetle that I often found on them.

Some more walking before encountering this tiny 2 mm beetle on a tree trunk.

Walking through a stretch of tall Elephant Grass (Pennisetum purpureum), I found a spot where there were some creepers and among the leaves was this LadyBird Beetle (Henosepitachna implicata).

Just when I was reaching the exit, a small 5 mm Leaf Beetle was spotted on a low plant.

Near to the Leaf Beetle were several of this strange looking Sweet PotatoWeevil (Clyas formicarius).

The last beetle was a Tortoiseshell Beetle (Laccoptera nepalensis).

Although the number of beetles found on this trip was small as compared to previous trip, it was still a good trip as I am able to test out my latest flash diffuser setup. Appreciate your comments on the flash diffuser lighting and suggestions on how to improve it further.

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