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Friday, 14 October 2016

Short Night Walk Along Pasir Ris Road (14 Oct 2016)

It has been raining on Friday nights for the past few weeks and hence I was not able to go for my usual night macro photography session. It once again rained in the morning but the weather looked fine in the evening, and so I decided to check out a stretch of road along Pasir Ris Road that I found on Google Map previously.

An interesting encounter when I first reached the place was this group of wild boars foraging at an open area near to the main road. It was a rather big group with about 20 of them, big and small. In order not to startle them, I decided not to use any camera flash to photograph them.

The first beetle I found at the place was a commonly encountered Chafer Beetle (Adoretus compressus). There were many of this Chafer Beetle along the road.

Near to the Adoretus compressus Chafer Beetle was another Chafer Beetle (Apogonia expeditionis). This is another type of Chafer Beetle that can be found all over Singapore.

Near to the a group of the Adoretus compressus Chafer Beetle was another commonly encountered Chafer Beetle. I used to think that this Chafer Beetle is the female of the Adoretus compressus Chafer Beetle, but started to think otherwise when I saw a mating pair of the beetle during one of my walks.

There were no other type of beetle encountered (apart from the Adoretus compressus Chafer Beetle) when I walked along the path until this lone orange Leaf Beetle was found under a blade of grass.

It was just about now that the sky started to thunder and tiny rain droplets started to fall. Sadly, the light drizzle turned into a heavy thunder storm and thus bringing my night walk to a sudden end. Hopefully the weather next week will be better.

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