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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Flew In Visitors (17 Feb 2017)

I was caught up with some last minute office work and ended up having to forgo my weekly night macro session. All was not lost as this was an interesting week where I somehow encountered a few flew in beetles.

For a nature lover like me, this is one of the wonderful aspects of living in Singapore - we are so close to nature even though you may be staying in an urban residential estate. Special thanks to all our greening pioneers who started the Singapore's greening campaign in 1963, and the continuous efforts by NParks in transforming Singapore into a City in a Garden. Well done NParks!

Coming back to this week blog, the first beetle was a 3 mm Ladybird Beetle (Menochilus sexmaculatus) that flew on my best friend while we were having a cuppa at a coffee shop.

This Tortoiseshell Beetle (Silana farinosa) was encountered when I was walking from the bus stop to my house. This beetle is commonly called Curry Leaf Tortoiseshell Beetle as they are commonly found among the curry leaf plant (Murraya koenigii). When I first encountered this beetle, I thought it was a sick Tortoiseshell Beetle badly infected by a nasty fungus. It was only later that a netizen identified this to be Silana farinosa Tortoiseshell Beetle.

This Mango Flower Chafer (Protaetia acuminata) was found on its back at a neighborhood shopping mall and was at risk of being step on until I found it. It could be from the roadside mango trees and was attracted by the bright lights at the mall.

The last beetle encountered this week was a 5 mm Leaf Beetle that I found on the floor of a lift lobby. Given where it was found, it was a wonder that it was not stepped on before I got to it.

This is not the first time I encountered flew in beetles and I am confident that I will encounter more in the future.

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