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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Afternoon Walk At Windsor Nature Park (24 Jun 2017)

I was unwell the night before and was not able to make it for my weekly night macro session. After a good night rest, I decided to go to Windsor Nature Park for an afternoon walk. For this trip, I decided to reverse my usual route and start from the end of my usual route.

Here's a photograph of a cicada's molt (exuviae) found on the side of a tree.

The first beetle for the trip was a 2 mm Spiny Leaf Beetle (Hispa atra) found on a blade of grass.

Near to the Spiny Leaf Beetle was a 2 mm Ladybird Beetle on a leaf of a tall bush.

Coming to a dead tree stump, I was glad to be able to find several of this Fungus Beetle.

Further down the trail was this beetle larvae, presumably dead as it was covered by a layer of mold.

As I walked down the trail, I was pleasantly surprised to find this Hispine Beetle on a Air Potato leaf. Notice the fresh telltale bite marks on the leaf.

Further down on a fern was a 10 mm beetle. After checking through my records, I think I could have wrongly identified this beetle to be a Net-winged Beetle (Calopteron rubricolle). According to the internet, this is a Lucidina species (possibly Lucidina clavareaui or Lucidina malaccana).

On a small tree along the trail was this 2 mm Darkling Beetle.

Just centimeters away was another 2 mm Darkling Beetle.

Coming to a patch of low ferns, a lone Pintail Beetle (Glipa malaccana) was found resting on a leaf.

Near to the Pintail Beetle was a small 2 mm Leaf Beetle on a rubber tree leaf.

The highlight of the trip was this long time didn't encounter Leaf Beetle (Galerosastra sumatrana).

At a cursory glance, I thought that this beetle was the same earlier Lucidina beetle. Upon closer examination, I was glad to discover that it is a Soldier Beetle (Crudosilis ruficollis).

Near by was a 2 mm Ambrosia Beetle on the edge of a leaf.

Walking further down the trail, I was surprised to find this 5 mm Darkling Beetle at the base of a tree. This type of beetle usually come out at night and hence I am surprised to find it in broad daylight.

Coming to a patch of Clidemia hirta plant, a 5 mm Leaf Beetle (Argopus brevis) was found hiding under a leaf.

Near to the patch of Clidemia hirta plant was a wood pile and on it were several Fungus Beetle (Triplatoma gestroi).

Near to the Fungus Beetle was a 3 mm Fungus Weevil, perfectly blended into its background.

On the same log was another bigger 10 mm Fungus Weevil.

Running all over the wood pile was this small 4 mm Ground Beetle (Pericalus tetrastigma).

I was almost at the end of the trail when I encountered this all time favorite 3 mm Weevil Beetle (Demimaea bakeri).

The last beetle for the trip was this 5 mm Leaf Beetle (Graphops curtipennis) found right at the entrance of the trail.

The trip was surprisingly fruitful with the encountering of a number of beetles, even though it was a hot afternoon. Windsor Nature Park (aka Venus Drive) never fail to deliver.