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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Morning Walk At Lower Peirce Reservoir Park (10 Jun 2017)

I happened to be around the Lower Peirce Reservoir area in the morning and so I decided to go there for some macro photography actions. My young friend Reynard also happened to be free and so he decided to join me there.

It has been a while I last went to Lower Peirce Reservoir Park in the morning and given the not so ideal weather recently, I was not too hopeful that we will find anything interesting. At an area where there are a number of low trees, I was surprised to find more than 10 of this commonly called Daddy Long Leg Spider (Harvestmen, Order Opiliones)

The first beetle for the trip was a small 2 mm Ladybird Beetle (Cryptogonus orbiculus) hiding under a leaf.

Reynard flipped over a small log and this Darkling Beetle (Eucyrtus anthracinus) was under it.

A short walk from the Darkling Beetle was the highlight of the trip, a long time didn't encounter Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus marginatus).

Nearby was a small 5 mm Fungus Beetle.

Hiding within a large white fungus mushroom was a small 3 mm Fungus Beetle (Triplax rufipes).

Coming to a patch of Clidemia hirta plant, Reynard spotted this small 5 mm Leaf Beetle (Hoplosaenidea singaporensis). I always like photographing this beetle because of its lovely metallic blue coloration..

On a small tree was this bronze color Leaf Beetle (Colasposoma auripenne).

We walked into an area with small trees and on one of the trees was this 5 mm Net-winged Beetle (Taphes brevicollis).

Interestingly on another tree nearby was another Net-winged Beetle.

The last beetle for the trip was a treat - a rarely encountered Fungus Beetle (Spathomeles rizali). This beetle looked like it was on steroid with its bulging spots.

Although the number of beetles encountered during this trip was considerably small, I am happy that we are able to find several not so commonly encountered beetles.

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