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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Morning Walk At Windsor Nature Park (07 Oct 2017)

It rained heavily the night before and hence I postponed my weekly macro-photography session till the morning. The morning weather was wonderful and so I proceeded to go to Windsor Nature Park. When I reached the place, my heart sank as the vegetation at the place were dripping wet with rain. It looked like it rained shortly before I reached.

The PSI for the week in Singapore was strangely at the moderate level and this created a beautiful sight when I walked through the trail.

The first beetle for the trip was a Ant-like Flower Beetle (Anthelephila cyanea). From the leaf and beetle, you can easily see how wet the place was.

Near by to the Ant-like Flower Beetle was a Leaf Beetle (Lema diversa) which I have not came across for a while.

As I was walking down the trail, I came across another macro-photographer who was busily photographing something. As I chatted with him, he told me that he was photographing a Long Horned Beetle. As I looked at the beetle, I was thrilled to find this large Long Horned Beetle (Batocera rubus) which I have never come across it at Windsor Nature Park before.

The vegetation was really wet and hence the chances of finding any beetle will be very low, even at Windsor Nature Park. After a short while of walking, I was glad to be able to find this Leaf Beetle (Argopus brevis) on a leaf.

There were a fair number of fallen trees along the side of the trail but many of them were soaking wet and devoid of critters. As I scanned through the different fallen trees, I was happy to find this 15 mm Fungus Beetle (Triplatoma gestroi) moving slowly on the log.

Moving further down the trail, I was surprised to find this lone Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus mirus) on a small tree.

On another small tree nearby was this small 3 mm beetle larvae.

After a while of walking without of finding any beetles, I was really glad to find this small 2 mm Ambrosia Beetle on a small leaf.

There were several upright rotten trees along the trail and on one of the rotten trees was a small fungus mushroom and I was surprised to find several of this 3 mm Sap Beetle hiding in the gap between the fungus mushroom and the tree bark.

On another tree was this 8 mm beetle larvae.

More walking without finding any beetle until this small 2 mm first-time-encountered Hister Beetle found a small bush. The beetle looked very odd as its elytra looked like they have "rusted" away.

On a small tree further down the trail was a familiar sight - a Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus quadriguttatus quadriguttatus).

It was after a while of walking before I found this Darkling Beetle (Phymatosum rufonotatum) on a leaf.

I was elated when I chanced upon this Fungus Weevil (Apolecta aspericollis). Although I came across this interesting beetle several times before, I am still amazed by its long antennae each time I encountered it. For this specimen, its antennae is about 4 times its body length. Amazing!

Walking further, I was glad to find several of this small 3 mm Long-Toed Water Beetle on some wet leaves. It has been a while that I last encountered this beetle, partially because it is a diurnal beetle and I have not been doing day macro-photography, especially on a wet day.

The highlight of the trip was the encounter with this Tiger Beetle (Cylindera discreta) sunning itself on a leaf. I am glad that I caught the right moment as it was still warming up and was not as alert as it would usually be.

It was almost the half way point where I found this 1 mm Leaf Beetle.

The second half of the trail is highly busy with joggers and families, especially on weekend and public holiday. As such, I am not expecting much for the second half of the trip. It was almost near the exit of the trail that I found an upright rotten tree where several of this Fungus Beetle (Episcapha xanthopustulata) were found.

Moving further, I was glad to still be able to find this pair of Darkling Beetle on a large tree. The reason why I am glad is because several of the large trees where these Darkling Beetles called home, were cut down for some reasons.

It was about 50 meters from the exit where I came across a pile of freshly fell tree trunks. On it were several Checkered Beetle roaming on the cut end of the tree.

The last beetle of the trip was a 1 mm Leaf Beetle resting on a fern leaf.

Although it was shortly after the rain, the trip was still considered to be fruitful as several first-time-encountered beetles were found, and being able to get some nice photographs of those beetles that I rarely encounter. This trip was also fruitful because of the good results of my new less-bulky diffuser set-up.

Windsor Nature Park is indeed my top place to go to even if the weather is wet.

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