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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Morning Walk At Windsor Nature Park (11 Nov 2017)

It has been raining almost everyday for the entire week and this morning although the sky was cloudy, it didn't look like it will be raining, and so I decided to take a quick morning walk at Windsor Nature Park for some macro photography actions. I am not having much expectations as the place would probably be wet due to the heavy rain the night before.

As expected the vegetation were dripping wet with rain and many parts of the trail were muddy. Here's a photograph of a Common Sun Skink (Eutropis multifasciata) encountered near the end of the trip when the sun was up.

The first beetle of the trip was a Leaf Beetle (Lema diversa) found around a patch of low grass.

Near to the Leaf Beetle were several large Elephant Ear Plant (Alocasia Macrorrhiza) where several of this Ant-like Flower Beetle (Anthelephila cyanea) were on the underside of the gigantic leaves.

At the entrance of the Venus Loop was this lone beetle larvae, with an interesting spherical water droplet on it.

The surprise for the trip was the encounter with this Tiger Beetle (Cicindela aurulenta) on a big leaf. I am surprised that it remained very still despite of my camera flashes. This is probably due to the cool temperature and wet vegetation.

A stone's throw away from the Tiger Beetle was a pair of mating 3 mm Leaf Beetle (Argopus brevis).

Coming to a wood pile, I am surprised to find this 10 mm Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus assamensis) as they are nocturnal.

On a small tree further down the trail was this lone Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus westwoodi).

High up on the same tree with the Fungus Beetle was a 5 mm Fungus Weevil. It was quite a challenge photographing this beetle as it was way up the tree.

On the side of the trail was a tree stump with a large Bracket Fungus Mushroom and there were several of this Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus politus) on it.

On a fallen tree further down the trail were several of this Fungus Beetle (Episcapha quadrimacula).

Because of the wet weather, it was only after a while of walking before I found this 2 mm Ambrosia Beetle on a leaf.

The highlight of the trip was the encounter of a "long time no see" Lizard Beetle (Languria mozardi).

Just a short distance from the Lizard Beetle was this beetle that I have yet to identify. It looked like Netwinged Beetle but without the netted elytra.

While I was walking along the trail, I saw a yellowish insect flew under a leaf. I was curious as to what insect it might be and so decided to take a quick look at it. To my surprise, it was a Leaf Beetle (Galerosastra sumatrana).

No other beetles were encountered until this 3 mm Fungus Beetle found on a small leaf.

The last beetle for the trip was a 2 mm Ladybird  Beetle.

As expected the trip was not as fruitful as previous trips but it was not unexpected given the less than ideal weather. According to our National Environment Agency, we are currently in the Inter-Monsoon period and thunderstorms are expected during this period. The North-East Monsoon will start at the end of November.

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