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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Short Night Walk At Windsor Nature Park (24 Nov 2017)

It rained heavily in the late afternoon but the forecast was cloudy sky for the night, so HW and I decided to go to Windsor Nature Park for our regular macro-photography session.

There were a number of interesting critters encountered at the place and this large 80 mm flat worm (Bipalium sp.) was one of them.

The first beetle for the trip was a 3 mm Darkling Beetle on a small tree.

On the same tree were several small 3 mm Darkling Beetles.

Hiding in the mosses on the same tree was a larvae of the 3 mm Darkling Beetle.

On a nearby low bush was a commonly encountered brown Chafer Beetle.

Next to it was another Chafer Beetle (Adoretus compressus).

Near to the Adoretus compressus Chafer Beetle was another commonly encountered Chafer Beetle (Apogonia expeditionis).

Near to the entrance to the Venus Loop trail was a 8 mm lovely colored Long Horned Beetle. This is the second time that I encountered this type of Long Horned Beetle.

Coming to a patch of Elephant Ear Plants, I am glad to be able to find several of this Ant-like Flower Beetle (Anthelephila cyanea) under the giant leaves.

On a dead branch nearby was a 10 mm Darkling Beetle (Phymatosuma rufonotatum).

As we walked along the trail, I was surprised to find a number of this commonly encountered Tiger Beetle (Cicindela aurulenta) resting on wet leaf.

On a small rotten tree near to the Tiger Beetle was this 5 mm Fungus Weevil (Habrissus omadioides).

On the same tree was this commonly encountered Fungus Weevil (Eucorynus crassicornis).

A stone's throw away on a small tree was this Beetle Larvae.

On the same tree was this 1 mm Darling Beetle.

Moving further down, there was an upright rotten tree where this 10 mm Ground Beetle (Miscelus javanus) was found running about the tree.

On the same rotten tree was this Darkling Beetle (Bradymerus clathratus).

At the base of the tree was this 10 mm Darkling Beetle.

Near to the Darkling  Beetle was this 1 mm Fungus Beetle.

Several centimeters form the 1 mm Fungus Beetle was a 10 mm well-camouflaged Weevil, badly infested with mites.

A 4 mm beetle (Martinezostes sp.) was found at the base of the tree.

Further down the trail was a small tree stump with this 4 mm Rove Beetle found in a crevice on the stump.

Coming to a patch of Singapore Rhododendron plant (Melastoma malabathricum), I am surprised to find this Leaf Beetle (Argopus brevis) still out on a leaf at this hour.

Across the trail was this roundish 5 mm Darkling Beetle on a small tree.

On a tree next to the Darkling Beetle was this 5 mm Ground Beetle.

Next to the Ground Beetle was a large fallen log where several of this 4 mm Darkling Beetle (Meilichius nigricollis) were found.

Near to the Darkling Beetle was a 5 mm Checkered Beetle. It has been a long while I last encountered this beetle.

Just as I was photographing this beetle, the sky started to drizzle and we decided to call it a day in case that it turned into a thunderstorm. Although the trip was short, it was still fruitful with  a good number of beetles found.

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