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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Night Walk At Windsor Nature Park (23 Nov 2018)

Although it rained in the early afternoon, HW and I decided to proceed to Windsor Nature Park as planned. When we reached the place, we were rather disappointed as the vegetation looked like it just rained as all the vegetation were dripping wet with rain.

Here's an interesting terrestrial flat worm found during the trip.

Because of the wet vegetation, we decided to go straight into the Venus Loop trail. Near to the entrance were two Tiger Beetle (Cicindela aurulenta) resting on a leaf.

It was only after a while of walking before we came across a large fallen tree where several beetles were found. On top of the fallen tree was this 1 mm Darkling Beetle.

On the underside of the tree log was this 5 mm Darkling Beetle.

A short distance away from the Darkling Beetle was another Darkling Beetle (Ceropria superba).

At the far end of the tree log were several of this commonly encountered 10 mm Darkling Beetle.

On the drier part of the tree log were several of this 10 mm Fungus Beetles.

Dashing around the tree log were a number of this 5 mm Rove Beetle. This type of beetle has always been a challenge to photograph due to its speed and tendency to run away from light.

Together with the Rove Beetle were several of this 3 mm Rove Beetle.

A 20 mm Ground Beetle (Onypterygia longispinis) was found on the side of a small tree further down the trail.

On a small tree nearby was this 3 mm Darkling Beetle.

On a rotten tree stump were these two 5 mm beetles from the Ceratocanthidae family. I am so glad to be able to photograph this specimen moving about, as most of the time I only saw them rolled up into a ball.

On the side of the tree stump was this 5 mm Checkered Beetle. It has been a while I last encountered a Checkered Beetle.

Next to the tree stump was a fallen tree with several of this Fungus Beetle on  it.

Next to the Fungus Beetle was this 0.5 mm shiny critter. Not sure if it is a beetle.

Across the trail was another fallen tree where this interesting 5 mm Darkling Beetle was found.

Walking further down the trail, this 10 mm Fungus Weevil (Acroynus cylindricus) was found on a lichen of a small tree.

There was a newly fallen tree by the side of the trail and this 8 mm Darkling Beetle (Strongylium tenuipes) was found on it.

Next to the Darkling Beetle was this 1 mm Fungus Beetle.

On the same log was a 5 mm Darkling Beetle.

Time passes quickly and it was time to turn back, just then this Chafer Beetle was found on a low bush.

The last beetle for the trip was a bonus as it was found just immediately below the Chafer Beetle. It was a Long Horned Beetle (Aeolesthes holosericeus).

Although the place was very wet, the number of beetles encountered was still comparatively more than other locations. Indeed Windsor Nature Park is the place to look for beetles.

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