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Friday, 28 December 2012

Fungus Beetles' Paradise (28th Dec 2012)

My curiosity got the better of me and I make a short spin to the place late in the night.
Interestingly, less than a minute that I stepped into the Venus Drive Trail, this beautiful ground beetle came to greet me:
A beautiful creature indeed.
Next stop - Fungus Beetles' Paradise. Well, I almost lost the location due to the surrounding darkness; almost got disorientated but fortunately I found the Fungus Beetles' Paradise almost 10 minutes later.
At first I thought it was a let down as I don't see as many fungus beetles as I saw a few days back in the day.  Only saw a number of this (which I have noticed but pay no attention to them earlier on) :

Seems like the beetle met a horrible end. Aliens in the beetle world?
Just when I was about to leave the place, this little beetle turned up. I search high and low for other similar beetles but found none. This is the only subject that I need to capture quickly as it was super-hyper, moving all over the place non-stop.

Interesting spot pattern, look like the Halloween's pumpkin, another fungus beetle on the list of the Fungus Beetles' Paradise.
Then later another fungus beetle that I didn't come across during the day emerges :

Another member at the Fungus Beeltes' Paradise.
Moving on to another spot, I got a nice glimpse of a weevil beetle before it fell to the ground. Talk about being camera shy.

Staying in the same tree as the weevil beetle was a small long horned beetle. The beetle is no bigger than a Singapore 5 cent coin.

Further down the trail, I came across a few 'melting' mushroom and interestingly, there are many tiny little fungus beetles having a party on the cap of the mushroom.

The tiny beetles were moving so fast that I was not able to get a decent shot.
Just a few mushroom away is what looks like a beetle larvae:

Here's a shot of another beetle larve encountered on the trip:

ID anyone?
Just when I thought that the walk would not get any better, something flew towards my lights. A Bess Beetle (Aceraius grandis). Wow, this is the first time I come across this in Singapore, even though this is very common in our neighbor Malaysia.

Coming across the Bess Beetle at the end of the night trip was a fabulous way to end the trip indeed.

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