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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Walk At Upper Peirce Reservior on New Year Day (01 Jan 2013)

Today is the first day of 2013. The weather was wonderful and  super sunny , especially after a couple of days of rain. The best thing to do is to go for a walk and hopefully snap some beetle photographs. This time the destination is Upper Peirce Reservior.
The very first beetle that greeted me is this orange leaf beetle. It seems to be in great abundance here:

Moving along, I came across a Net-winged Beetle (Taphes brevicollis). Sadly, my camera was a little slow and while trying to get a good shot of the critter, it flew right off the view-finder and disappeared. Despite looking for it around the place,I was not able to find it.

Just as I was lamenting the missed opportunity (I have always been wanting to get a photograph of a Net-Winged Beetle), adjacent to where I am is a huge birdnest fern. "Perfect habitat for the Tumbling Flower Beetle!", I was talking to myself.  Indeed within a few seconds, I spotted two cute little Tumbling Flower Beetle (Glipa malaccana) :

Not easy to take photograph of this beetle without a tripod but thankfully I managed to get a few clear shots.
Just then a tiny Ladybird Beetle flew near me.

I just simply love the color of this little beetle!
By chance, I stumbled upon a track that I have not tried before.  The track is tucked away in a corner and would not be obvious to any casual passer-by.

Not much happening along the track but I was able to spot a tiny little weevil beetle. It is interestingly patterned - it is like wearing a striped  pyjama.

Walking further on, I came across this really tiny little weevil beetle. I think it should be atmost 2mm if not 3mm in size.

Walking pass two anglers along the trail (or should that be poachers?), a small and colorful beetle caught my eyes.

Pardon the poor shot as I wanted to capture the shiny color of the beetle without using the flash. Incidentally, the place is under some tree canopy. Guess in future, I would need to have flash diffuser to allow better focus and lighting,
After shedding buckets of perspiration and just when I am ready to leave the place, a little beetle came out to bid farewell.

Although I didn't come across many beetles, the walk was pretty good given the fact that I got a glimpse of a Net-winged Beetle and get to snap some photo of the Tumbling  Flower Beetle.
Until then.

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