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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Night Walk At MacRitchie Reservior's Lornie Trail (30 Apr 2013)

The weather was dry and I decided to give the Lornie Trail a try, even though the last trip there was not very fruitful.

The first beetle that appeared was a Chafer Beetle (Adoretus compressus). There were a number of them munching on leaves and to my surprise that they were pretty alert and would take to flight upon sensing camera flashes.

The next beetle that greeted me was this small Darkling Beetle, hiding in a tree crevice.

On another tree was this hyperactive tiny beetle (~3mm). It looked like a Fungus Beetle.

The trail was rather unproductive in terms of finding beetles as after almost 20 min of walking and I didn't find any beetle, not even the commonly seen Darkling Beetle or Fungus Beetle. Just when I was about to give up, I found this Forked Fungus Beetle which looked very much like a lump of mud on top of a dry brownish bracket fungus.

Another 10 min pases by without finding any beetle. Just when I was about to turn back, a few of this mating Click-Beetle (~3 mm) were seen crawling on a tree trunk.

Moving on, a small (~3 mm) beetle appeared on a dry tree stump. Interesting pattern. I think it is a Fungus Beetle.

On another tree was this lone beetle larvae beetle. No adult beetle was found on the tree.

After a while without finding any beetle, this rather common Fungus Beetle was a welcomed sight.

Persevering on, a small Darkling Beetle (~5 mm) was found at the base of a small tree. The interesting thing about the Lornie Trail is that the trees along the trail are huge and tall, unlike the other trails that I have been to.

Just before reaching the turn-back point, this tiny (~2 mm) interesting beetle appeared. It looked like the normal reddish brown Fungus Beetle but with frog-like hind legs. It hopped and flew off after a few shots.

The way back was relatively uneventful with only the spotting of this Chafer Beetle after a long distance.

Finally, the first Leaf Beetle for the night. This is an interesting beetle as it is rather hairy for a Leaf Beetle.

The finale for the trip was the spotting of this large (~40 mm) Long Horned Beetle (Batocera rubus) resting on a tall tree.

The trip was fruitful as I managed to photograph 7 beetles that I have not photographed before. Given the long distance that I have walked, I would think twice before I decide to go on the Lornie Trail again.