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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Night Walk At Old Upper Thomson Road (26 Apr 2013)

The day was wet and overcast so I decided to take a quick walk at the Old Upper Thomson Road, with little expectation that the trip will be fruitful.

The first beetle that came into view was this tiny (1 mm) beetle. Interestingly, after a few shots the beetle started to lean on one side and remained in that position until I finished with it.

This Darkling Beetle was on a tree trunk nearby.

On the same tree was this tiny (<2 mm) beetle.

Moving along the road, I noticed a slight movement on a tree trunk. Upon closer examination, I found this small (3 mm) Fungus Weevil.

Nearby was this tiny (2 mm) and alert Fungus Beetle. It flew away just after one photograph. Please pardon the poor quality.

Moving further was a dead tree and on it was this interesting looking beetle. At a short distance away, it looked like a Snout Weevil Beetle, but it turned out to be a Fungus Weevil. This is a rather large Fungus Weevil (~25 mm). I particularly like the subtle colour contrast of this beetle.

On the same tree was this ~20 mm Long Horned Beetle (Coptops annulipes). I read about this beetle online but have never got a chance to see it until now.

Crawling between the crevices of the tree bark was this ~3 mm Ground Beetle. It was pretty hard to photograph due to its small size and hyperactivity.

A further surprise awaited on the other side of the same tree, a ~20 mm Long Horned Beetle (Coptops leucostictica). What a pleasant surprise to find two different beetles on the same tree.

On a piece of damp fallen tree was this Darkling Beetle.

After encountering two Long Horned Beetles, coming across another Long Horned Beetle was not far down the road was a real bonus. This looked like the earlier Long Horned Beetle (Coptops annulipes) but the coloration on the elytra was slightly different. Not sure if it is a sexual difference or a different type all together.

Another Ground Beetle on the same tree trunk.

Not more action after the encounter with the third Long Horned Beetle and so I decided to turn back. On the return-path, this Fungus Weevil was having its dinner on a pile of dead wood. It blended in well with its background.

On the same log was this beetle larvae.

This was the last beetle that I come across on the way back. It is a Darkling Beetle but the body is roundish compared to the other Darkling Beetles that I usually come across.

Although the trip was expected to be not so fruitful, encountering three Long Horned Beetles in a row has made the trip worth the while.