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Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Short Walk Along Punggol Road (10 May 2013)

The weather was a little wet but the urge of wanting to take some photographs of beetles remained strong, so I decided to head towards the nearest "wild" place - the still yet to be developed part along the Punggol Road.

The first beetle was this ~8 mm Leaf Beetle about 2 meters up on a tree trunk. A big challenge to photograph this beetle with one extended hand holding the camera, and the other holding a torchlight  to shine light on the beetle.

After a few minutes of stretching exercise, the next subjects were much easier to photograph. Two tiny (~2 mm) Lady Bird Beetles were found a knee level plant just a few meters from the tree with the Leaf Beetle.

The surprise for the night was this interesting Click Beetle (Pectocera babai).

A stone's throw away was this commonly encountered Chafer Beetle (Adoretus compressus), enjoying its dinner.

On one of the trees that lined the Punggol Road was this tiny (<2 mm) and common beetle. I love the color and pattern of this tiny beetle and have yet to get tired of photographing it even though it can be found on most trees, even in a housing estate.

On the same tree with the above beetle was this cute looking beetle larvae. This could be the larvae of the above beetle, given its color pattern and proximity to the beetle.

Another interesting find were these small (~3 mm) Leaf Beetles. The color of the beetles reminded me of agar agar.

On a tree was a group of this Darkling Beetle. This beetle comes in different sizes and this one is about 5 mm.

On another tree was this Darkling Beetle (<3 mm). Like the contrast of the beetle on the green moss backdrop.

Although this was a very short trip, it was still fruitful despite the fact that it was after a heavy rain.