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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Morning Walk At Venus Drive (04 May 2013)

It was a bright and sunny morning and so I decided to take a walk at Venus Drive.

The first surprise that greeted me was this interesting looking Fungus Weevil. This is the first time I come across this Fungus Weevil with a distinct black dot on its elytra. It was hyper sensitive and would not let me within 2 meters from it.

Near to the Fungus Beetle was this metallic blue Leaf Beetle (Lema cyanella) which is pretty common along the trail.

A short distance from the Leaf Beetle was this interesting looking insect which looked very much like a beetle. I am not too sure if it is a beetle or is it a bug.

Just when I was wondering if the above is a beetle, a brownish-black beetle flew pass. It turn out to be a Spiny Leaf Beetle (Dicladispa armigera). I always wonder if there are any natural predators that feed on this beetle.

Another Leaf Beetle (Lema diversa) turn up near to the Spiny Leaf Beetle.

A stone's throw away was another Leaf Beetle (Lema rufotestacea).

Another surprise find was this beetle (Mordella fasciata) from the same family as the Tumbling Flower Beetle  (Glipa malaccana).

Moving further into the trail, a metallic green Tiger Beetle decided to come out to say "Hello". Another hyper sensitive beetle that takes to flight at the slightest detection of movement.

On a dead tree log, I am surprised to find a Fungus Beetle as by this time, most of them would have been hiding.

Across the pathway, was this Tumbling Flower Beetle (Glipa malaccana). I am so fortunate to find   both the Mordella fasciata and this beetle, within a short distance from each other.

A Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus assamensis) was seen hurrying across a bracket fungus.

A Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus politus) was found clinging on the side of a tree.

A small (~2 mm) Fungus Beetle (Mycetina cyanipennis) on the same bracket fungus.

Just then, a Fungus Weevil landed on a tree.

Walking deeper into the trail, I found this interesting looking Net-Winged Beetle. The thorax looked a little strange though.

Coming to a patch of fish-tail palms, I found another beetle from the Tumbling Flower Beetle family. Interesting don't you think?

A few black colored Fungus Beetle were found among the low bushes.

A tiny (~2 mm) but beautiful beetle was found near-by.

While I was enjoying the photo opportunities of the beetle, another beetle appeared. This looked a little like Soldier Beetle.

Another Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus quadriguttatus quadriguttatus) appeared.

A small (~5 mm) beetle flew near the Fungus Beetle, and it turn out to be an interesting Fungus Beetle. Just when i was taking photographs of this lovely beetle, the sky started to pout heavily.

The rain was rather heavy and I decided to cut short my walk and started walking towards the exit. Along the way was this small (~3 mm) Fungus Beetle.

The rain came suddenly and stopped 10 minutes later. Several of this round Fungus Beetle were found near the base of a very tall and big tree.

Moving on, a tiny (~4 mm) Fungus Weevil was found resting on a leaf.

Although knowing in my heart that the rain would have washed-out the rest of the trip, I nevertheless proceeded further. The perseverance paid off with the finding of a lovely colored Jewel Beetle (~4 mm). I particularly like the metallic coloration on the beetle.

The last beetle that appeared was this ~3 mm small Fungus Beetle. Very sensitive to movements and flew off before I can even snap a few more photographs of it.

The trip was fruitful and it would be even more interesting if the rain did not come at such a less opportune time. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant trip with a few "new" beetles added to my beetles photograph collection.