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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Morning Walk At Venus Drive (30 Mar 2013)

It was a bright and sunny morning so I decided to go to Venus Drive for a walk. Instead of starting from the usual starting point, I decided to start from my usual end point. To my dismay the place was pretty wet, seemed to have rained a short while ago. Hoping for the best that the early rain would not washout the trip.

The first beetle that came to greet me was this small (4mm) metallic blue Leaf Beetle (Lema cyanella). It was a good start as it allowed me to "warm up" my phototaking.

Not too far from the Leaf Beetle was another Leaf Beetle (Lema rufotestacea). Unlike the first Leaf Beetle, this one was a little more active and was moving around. Thankfully it was not too disturbed by the camera flashes and did not fly away.

Moving on, I came across this tiny beetle (<2 mm). This beetle seemed to be aplenty after rain. Indeed a number of them were seen on leaves.

Walking slowly, I saw a flash of red and black flying insect and it landed under a leaf. Looking from afar, I noticed that it is a beetle. It looked very much like a Net-winged Beetle but upon closer examination, it could be a Firefly instead. This is the same type of beetle that I saw during my Eco Green Park trip. This beetle was very alert and does not allow me to go near it, so I ended up taking its photograph at a distance of almost 2 metres away.

To my surprise, I came across a few of this Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus dilatatus turritus). Surprised because Fungus Beetles are usually nocturnal and are seldom seen in the day. This reminded me of the Fungus Beetle Paradise, not too far from where I am.

Near to the Fungus Beetle was another Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus assamensis subguttatus). Another 'late sleeper'.

Walking into the area where the tree canopy is much thicker, a lovely Leaf Beetle was seen resting on a leaf.

Just as I was done photographing the Leaf Beetle, at the corner of my eyes I saw something flew to a tree trunk nearby. Using the camera's tele-zoom, I was thrilled to find this pinkish Fungus Weevil. This is the same kind of beetle that I encountered during my night walk previously. Just like the night trip, the beetle was super alert and flew away into the bushes after only three shots of it. Thankfully, the photograph turned out not too bad even though I am using the tele-zoom.

Further down the track, at the underside of a palm leave was this lovely Leaf Beetle (3mm). This seems to be the usual hangout for this beetle as my last encounter was also finding it underside of a palm leaf.

On a small plant nearby was this tiny beetle (<2 mm). It looked like the same type of beetle that I came across frequently in the night on tree bark. Could this be where they hide during the day?

After walking not too long, I came across another hairy little beetle (3 mm). This looked very much like the third beetle that I came across on this trip, but the difference is that it is entirely black.

While making way for some joggers, I accidentally spotted this lovely Net-wing Beetle. It was pretty calm and allowed me to take quite a number of macro shots. This was so different from my previous encounters with them.

I was almost reaching the U-turn point for the trip, I saw this little Leaf Beetle (2 mm) underneath a leaf. This is the first time I came across this beetle. It has a sweet yellowish body. It remained very still even after a serious of camera flashes at it. How I wish all the beetles that I photograph all remain so still.

Another surprised encounter, a pretty yellow Leaf Beetle. I frequently come across this beetle at the BTNR but this is the first time I come across it at Venus Drive trail.

Not too far down from the yellow Leaf Beetle was this red and black Ladybird like beetle.

The highlight of the trip would be spotting this Long Horned Beetle (Xylotrechus javanicus) just before reaching the end of the trail.

A stone's throw from the Long Horned Beetle was this Fungus Beetle resting in the shade of a leaf.

Basking in the sun was this bronze color beetle with tint of blue at the legs and antennae. I presumed that it is a Leaf Beetle.

The last beetle that I came across was this Lizard Beetle (Languria mozardi).

The trip was fruitful, especially so because of the encounter with the Xylotrechus javanicus.