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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Night Walk At Venus Drive (22 Mar 2013)

The weather was a little wet in the afternoon but nevertheless I decided to take a walk along the Old Upper Thomson Road. I got on a bus and thought it was heading towards Old Upper Thomson Road. After a while  into the bus journey that I realised that the bus was heading towards a different destination. Fortunately, the bus passes near the Venus Drive and hence the trip was not a washout.

The first beetle that greeted me was this 3mm Darkling Beetle. This is a pretty common beetle that you can usually found on tree bark after dark.

Even more common is this tiny beetle (< 2 mm) which looks like a tiny black speck on the tree trunk. The beautiful elytra of this beetle can only be seen when you look at it at close range.

A surprise find was this Ground Beetle (Catascopus dalbertisi) which was extremely difficult to photograph as it was running all over the place.

Near to the beautiful Ground Beetle was this tiny 3mm Fungus Weevil. It was even harder to photograph this beetle as it was rather hyperactive and move around at quite a fast pace. Only managed to take some shots in between its burst of movement.

At another tree was this small Darkling Beetle. This particular specimen is much smaller than the ones that I came across before. In fact it is almost half the size of the Darkling Beetle that I came across previously, which looked exactly the same.

Moving along, some movement on a tree trunk captured my attention. It was probably drenched by the rain earlier on and hence the wet-look. This beetle looked very much like a Fungus Weevil.

On a piece of dead log were a number of this tiny Ground Beetle (Pericalus tetrastigma).

More Fungus Weevil.

Near to the Fungus Beetle was this small 3 mm beetle.

This Fungus Beetle is pretty common at Venus Drive.

This beetle is about 4 mm in size. I find the head of this beetle interesting as it looked like an ant.

Another Fungus Beetle having its dinner on some dead log.

This was the highlight of the trip. The color of this Fungus Weevil  is so vibrant. Sadly, it didn't stay long enough and I only managed to get two shots of this lovely Fungus Weevil before it disappeared into the surrounding darkness.

Nearby was this interesting looking jet-black Ground Beetle.

Keeping the Ground Beetle company was this Pleasing Fungus Beetle.

Another Fungus Beetle.

Further into the trail was this tiny beetle (< 2 mm) which was having a wonderful meal munching on the orange color fungus.

Another Fungus Weevil.

More Fungus Weevil. This round a mating pair which seemed to have just started.

A wet Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus assamensis subguttatus).

Yet another Fungus Weevil but slightly different from the earlier ones because of the reddish coloration on the elytra.

Moving quickly among the dead tree was this beetle. Notice the small horns on it.

Time flew and it was about time to head for home. Just metres away from the trail exit, were this pair of love birds. They looked like the Crab-like Rove Beetle (Tachyporinae sp.).

The trip was fruitful, especially because of the opportunity to photograph the lovely pink Fungus Weevil.