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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Night Walk At Venus Drive (15 Mar 2013)

The weather was nice and dry so I headed for the Venus Drive's Treetop Walk trail. It was almost dark but I managed to catch a few minutes of the setting sun.

The first beetle was a Fungus Beetle that came out to feed even before the sun was still out, albeit it was in a shaded area of trail.

Getting its last bit of the sun light was this Leaf Beetle (Lima diversa). There were a few of this beetle flying around but all of them were easily spooked except for this one which sat there for me to snap a few close-up shots before flying off for the day.

Moving into another shaded area, I found this small 5mm Net-winged Beetle (possibly Taphes brevicollis as the size is much smaller than the ones that I came across previously)  flying around, presumably looking for a place to call it a day. I managed to only get a single closeup shot of it due to it flying all around the place.

Moving frantically around a small plant were of a few of this small Leaf Beetle (~4 mm).  It was quite a challenge for me trying to take a macro shot of it, partially due to the dim lighting.

The place was almost completely dark when I came a cross this Leaf Beetle which was having its dinner.

Finally when the place was completely dark, out came a nocturnal beetle - a Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus assamensis subguttatus).  

Following which was this medium size (~6 mm) Darkling Beetle.

On the same dead log were a few this Fungus Weevil, busily moving around looking for food.

Another Darkling Beetle but it was much larger (~15 mm) and had longer legs.

Soon, all the different and familiar Fungus Beetles were out in force.

Yet another Fungus Beetle but much smaller at about 4mm in length.

Another familiar Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus quadrigulltatus). 

More Fungus Beetle but this time round a shinny little one at about 2 mm.

A Darkling Beetle also came out to play with the rest.

Walking further into the dark trail, a lone Ground Beetle was hanging on at the side of  a big tree. It looked very much like a cockroach from a short distance away.

Another Darkling Beetle that looked pretty much the same as the ones I encountered earlier, but the size is in between the two. How interesting!

Finally, a Weevil Beetle! It was trying very hard not to move. I only managed to get one shot of it and in a blink of the eyes, it dropped to the leaf litters below.

Along the trail were some rotten tree and to my surprise I found this Bess Beetle (Aceraius grandis) busily moving around the log, foraging for food.

Just then, I saw a speck of green light. It was pretty much like a small greenish-yellow LED light flying in the dark. It flew for a while before landing on a leaf. It was a Fire Fly Beetle (Lychnuris fumigata). What an opportunity to get a few shots of this interesting beetle.

After the excitement of finding a Fire Fly Beetle, a small beetle (~5 mm) was seen pacing up and down a tree trunk. From a short distance away it looked like a Chafer Beetle, but upon closer examination of the close-up photograph, it seemed to be a Fungus Weevil.

Near to the interesting looking Weevil Beetle was another interesting beetle. Looked a little like a Long Horned Beetle but looked more like a Soldier Beetle.

Another interesting find on a dead log not too far down the trail - a Ground Beetle with 4 large yellow spots. This is the first time that I came across it. It is a small beetle of about 3~4 mm in size.

In a nearby tree were a few of this tiny beetle (<2 mm).

Yet another Darkling Beetle but this time round it is about 15 mm in size.

Another Darkling Beetle but 2~3 mm in size.

Further down the trail was this jet black Fungus Beetle feeding on a patch of white fungus.

On a dead tree that lined the path, a few of this ~3 mm Ground Beetle (Pericalus tetrastigma) were found.

Moving along, I happened to see this small beetle moving slowly on a leaf littler on the path. It is brownish in color and looked like a Fungus Beetle.

Resting on a tree trunk was this relatively large Fungus Weevil (~15 mm) with a long antenna. With a quick glace I thought it was a Long Horned Beetle until I had a closer look at it in the photograph at home.

Another Fungus Beetle in a nearby dead tree log. I particularly like the coloration of this beetle.

On the same tree trunk was this Ground Beetle (~6 mm). This was a pleasant surprise as I only came across this on the internet. First time encounter is always sweet.

Almost at the end of the trip, I came across this tiny Weevil Beetle (~4 mm) trying very hard to run away from my lights.

Lastly, the highlight of the trip - a different color and pattern Fungus Beetle. It was a pretty hyper-active beetle and it was quite a challenge to photograph this beetle in the dark.

This trip at the Venus Drive was very fruitful with the many different beetles encountered. It is a waste that not many people get to see them while walking the nature trails as they are usually small and inconspicuous. But with a little bit of patience and at a slower pace, you will soon notice these beautiful critters are all over the place.