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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Morning Walk At Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (02 Mar 2013)

The weather for the entire week was mostly wet, so the sunny morning was not something to be missed. Without much hesitation, I made a bee-line for the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The trail was pretty dry despite showers the night before.

The very first beetle that greeted me was a pleasant surprise. It was a small (~6mm) Spiny Leaf Beetle (Dicladispa armigera) which sat quietly on a leaf. If I am not looking out for them, I would have easily missed it along the path.

Then came another pleasant find, a cute looking beetle (~6 mm) resting on a big leaf. It was so still that I managed to get a few good closeup of it. Such a beauty!

Further into the trail, I came across this tiny beetle (~3 mm). Another 'still-life' for some good macros shots, even though the occasional wind did create some challenges when photographing such a small beetle.

Just when I was feeling glad that I had came to the place despite the bad traffic condition on the Upper Bukit  Timah Road, another tiny beetle appeared. It was a beautiful little (~2 mm) beetle with a colorful elytra that looked like a piece of candy. Photographing this beetle was not a piece of cake. Besides trying to get a good shot in the wind, I had to be super alert to watch out for cyclists cycling past at a pretty fast speed.

Moving along, I came across another tiny leaf beetle (~3 mm).

Just a few leaves away, sat this small (~7 mm) beauty underside a curled up leave. I love the color contrast of the yellow and green.

Then came a long while of walking without encountering any beetles until this tiny (~2 mm) fellow showed up. It was hiding at the join of two branches. It was a really hairy beetle I must add.

Staying very still on a leaf was this beetle (~4 mm). It looked a bit like a Click-Beetle but I cannot be sure though.

Another cute and tiny (~2 mm) beetle appeared.

The next beetle came as a big surprise. I initially thought it was some orange fungus growing on a leaf but upon looking closer, I saw a pair of tiny eyes and antennae which confirmed that it is a beetle. This is the first time I come across a beetle that looked like a 'roti prata' or indian pancake. It is likely to be part of the Tortoise Beetle family.

Just when I thought that the above beetle was the weirdest I had seen, I noticed a tiny (~2 mm) ant-like beetle. Not sure what beetle this is. The legs looked very much like those of weevil beetles but it seemed to be missing the typical snout of a weevil, or was it that it has a very short snout?

Walking further came this reddish-brown beetle. It looked like a Leaf Beetle.

A stone's throw away from the reddish-brown beetle was this ~6 mm Ladybird Beetle. It was highly
active and it was a bit of a challenge before I managed to take a few decent closeup shots of this beetle.

I reached the place where I planned to U-turn back and saw this Net-Winged Beetle. It was nice and calm for me to take some close up photographs without it being spooked.

When I was almost near the path leading to the BTNR Visitors' Centre, this comparatively bigger (~10 mm) Leaf Beetle (Lema quadripunctata) was seen sitting motionlessly near the tip of a plant. So glad that it remained still for me to take some nice closeup shots.

Just when I was done with the Leaf Beetle above, another small (~5 mm) Leaf Beetle landed on a plant nearby. I simply love the coloration  of this beetle.

Moving along, I came across more of this tiny beetle. The beetle seemed to be feeding on the water droplet on the leaf.

When I was almost at the end of the trail towards the Visitor Centre, another of this lovely beetle appeared. Don't you think it looked like Agar-Agar?

About 40 meters from the trail exit to the Visitors' Centre, was this ~10 mm hyper-active Leaf Beetle (Liloceris cheni), I almost miss the shot due to its non-stop movement. I like the strong color contrast of reddish-orange and black.

Just moments before I step out of the trail, came this ~4mm beetle. Interesting marking on the elytra.

This was indeed a wonderful trip as I come across a number of beetles that I have not encountered
before. Glad to have made the trip.