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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Night Walk At Macritchie Reservoir (26 Jul 2013)

The sky was clearing up after a heavy rain in the late afternoon, so I decided to take a walk at the Macritchie Reservoir. The place was wetter than expected so it seemed like it is going to be a wasted trip.

The first beetle that greeted me was this common small beetle that you can find on most tree trunks.

On another tree trunk was another of the commonly encountered tiny beetle.

The next beetle that I found was an interesting one. It looked familiar but I can't put a finger on its identity at this point in time. Time to dig into the reference books.

[After doing some search on the internet, this beetle seemed to be a Hister Beetle (Platysoma leconti).]

Resting on a plant was this Long Horned Beetle commonly found on this trail. Unlike my previous encounters with this type of Long Horned Beetle, this particular beetle remained very still for me to photograph.

Near to the Long Horned Beetle, was a Fungus Beetle (Amblyopus vittatus) resting on a palm leaf. This was the second time that I came across this Fungus Beetle. The marking on this beetle was slightly different from the beetle I came across previously but I believed they are the same type of beetle.

On a dead log was this commonly encountered Darkling Beetle.

On another log was this Fungus Beetle. I initially thought that it was the commonly encountered Fungus Beetle until I noticed the difference in the subtle markings on it.

Another Darkling Beetle found on a rotten tree trunk.

Hiding at the base of a dry tree trunk was this small Weevil Beetle  (<5 mm). The hind legs of this beetle were exceptionally interesting.

On a rotting tree trunk was this cute beetle.

Resting on a fallen tree was this Darkling Beetle. It looked similar to the Darkling Beetle that I encountered previously but this one has a reddish brown thorax and head instead of black.

The highlight of the trip was this Weevil Beetle (<5 mm) which has a sweet pinkish-orange coloration.

On the same plant with the Weevil Beetle was this hyper-sensitive Leaf Beetle which quickly shy away from the camera flashes.

On an upright rotten tree (dead fall?) was this cool looking beetle.

On a lichen covered tree were several of these lovely colored beetle larvae.

Resting on a hairy plant was this interestingly patterned Fungus Beetle.

Remaining relatively still on a tree nearby was this large (~20 mm) Weevil Beetle. This is the largest Weevil Beetle that I have come across thus far.

Another commonly encountered Fungus Beetle.

The last beetle for the trip was a first time encountered Fungus Beetle.

Despite the wet weather I was still able to photograph 18 different beetles, with 6 of them as "first time encounter". Fruitful trip indeed.