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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Short Recce Trip To Bukit Brown Cemetery (27 Jul 2013)

My plan for this Saturday morning was to make a short detour after running some errands in the morning to recce the much talked about Bukit Brown Cemetery. Despite the gloomy sky that was threatening to rain cats and dogs at any moment, I made the detour to the location.

The first thing that greeted me was this sign by the roadside.

Sadly, development work is also coming to this part of Singapore, just like what happened to Jalan Kayu -

Guessed that we will not only be missing the bigger birds and mammals that make their homes here in Bukit Brown Cemetery, we will also be missing all the little insects that were often ignored. Who knows if there may be some rare critters that have make their homes here also. This is my first visit to the place and it seemed to be perfect for future beetle photography trips. In fact, I would want to visit the place as soon as possible before it is too late.

Here's how the place looked.

I was pleasantly surprised to find several of this Leaf Beetle (Lema rufotestacea) in a small patch of low vegetation.

In the same low vegetation patch was this Lead Beetle (Lema diversa).

In the same area was this final stage of a beetle larvae. Wondered how the adult beetle would look like.

Following a series of rumbling of thunder, the sky started to drizzle. Picking up my pace to get back to my car, I accidentally came across three of this lovely yellow Leaf Beetle (Aulacophora indica).

Just as I was about to reached my car, the sky started to pour cats and dogs. Although this was a very short trip, it has given me a good feeling about the place. I am surely looking forward to walking the place on a finer weather day.