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Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Quick Stroll At Venus Drive (23 Feb 2013)

Happened to have some in-between time of about 2 hours and since the weather looked fine, I packed my camera and went down to Venus Drive for a photo-trigger finger fix.

The place was nice and dry as compared to the previous sessions at Venus Drive. In fact it was a little too warm for comfort. Near the entrance of the trail, I came across this bronze color Leaf Beetle (3mm). It was not an easy subject to photograph as it was moving around from leaf to leaf, hardly stopping for a moment.

 Not too far into the trail, I came across this Tiger Beetle (Therates dimidiatus) resting on a palm leaf under some tree shade. Knowing well that this beetle is easily spooked, I used the tele-zoom to try to catch a good shot but failed. Just I was about to snap a better photograph, some trekkers passed by the place and spooked the beetle. This was the only shot that I managed to get during the short encounter. This is a bad shot but posting it to record the trip's encounters.

One of the highlights of this walk was this Spiny Leaf Beetle. It is slightly bigger than the other Spiny Leaf Beetle that I encountered during the Green Corridor walk, and the coloration is also different. Unlike the previous encounter where the place was wet and muddy which led to some lousy shots of the beetle, I was able to take some nice closeup shots of this tiny beetle.

After snapping a dozen of photographs of the Spiny Leaf Beetle, I walked into a shaded path and came across this Net-Winged Beetle (Taphes brevicollis) which was resting quietly on a leaf. Interestingly, this beetle was not as easily spooked as those that I encountered previously. So glad to be able to get some decent shots of this beautiful beetle.

 I was pretty much satisfied with the trip already since it is a rushed session and I was not expecting to find many interesting beetles. Just as I was leisurely walking along the path, this Tumbling Flower Beetle (Glipa malaccana) flew into my field of vision. As usual, I took some zoom-shots of it but they were not as nice as I have wanted them to be.  Nevertheless, it is better than not having any shots at all. When I was done with the zoomed shots, I decided to take some closer shots using the Raynox macros lens. Thankfully the beetle was not spooked and I was able to get some nicer close-up photographs.

 Walking along, I came across a fallen tree log with many tiny heaps of whitish saw dust on it. Upon closer examination, I found this tiny beetle (<2mm) moving busily on the log. It was indeed a challenge to photograph something so tiny, especially when it was so hyperactive.

Moving on a quicker pace as my time for the walk was almost up, I came across this tiny beetle on a leaf. It looked similiar to the beetle on the log found earlier on.

After spending a little bit of time on the beetle, it was almost time for me to go. Just then I came across this Leaf Beetle resting on a big leaf.

Moving along at an even faster pace, I came across this tiny little Ground Beetle which I initially thought was a bug. It was only when I zoomed closer that I realised that it was a Ground Beetle that I have not come across before. Almost missed a  photographic opportunity with such a beautiful beetle.

At the very of end of the walk, I finally came across a tiny Fungus Beetle (Eumorphus assamensis). It was surprising as this was the first Fungus Beetle after walking for almost 2 hours.

The trip was fruitful eventhough it was short. Glad to have made the trip and being rewarded handsomely with many photographs of beetles.