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Friday, 11 January 2013

A Walk Around The Neighbourhood (09 Jan 2013)

It rained the whole afternoon and subsided soon after the sky turned dark. Feeling bored, I grabbed my camera and decided to walk around the neighbouthood to see what I can find.

The first beetle that came into my camera's view finder was this relatively large bum Chafer beetle (apogonia destructor ?).

Another Chafer Beetle.

More Chafer Beetle.

Looking around the trees, found this litte interesting beetle.

This looks very much like a fungus beetle (ID needed). Upon closer examination, the beetle has some interesting red colours and the tiny black dots look very much like mite.  

Lastly, a close shot of another beetle

This beetle is slightly bigger than the apogonia destructor.

I am thankful that despite the wet weather, I am still able to get several different beetles!