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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Night Walk At Riffle Range Trail (25 Jan 2013)

The journey to the Riffle Range Trail took shorter than expected and hence managed to catch the last bit of the sunlight.

The first beetle that greeted me was this tiger beetle (Therates dimidiatus).  Not too good shot of it due to tele-zooming in the dim lighting under the tree canopy.

Found this fungus beetle under some leaf litters.  It was not too active and I am not sure if it was still sleeping.

Just as the sky was getting darker, a speck of red appeared in the bushes. It was a C(Taphes brevicollis). It was so easily spooked that I was only able to take photographs from a distance.

Moving along I came across a tree stump with a large patch of white fungus which looked very much like snow. On top of the white fungus were several fungus beetles and some were really busy.

Near to the tree stump was a tree with many of this 2mm size beetles.

Further down the dark path was this little chafer (Apogonia expeditionis).

Moving further down the trail, there was a dead tree trunk where I found this fungus weevil. The interesting thing about this weevil is the red coloration on the side of its elytra.

On the same tree trunk was this tiny little bettle.

Another fungus beetle along the trail.

Here's a larvae of the fungus beetle with interesting coloration.

This was the highlight of the trip. A small beetle with an interesting pattern. This was found on a tree with several other beetles as follow.

Moving further, I found this cute little beetle. It is no bigger than 2mm.

Along a path, I came across this lovely leaf beetle with a greenish coloration. Saw this beetle in some blog previously, so this was a pleasant encounter.

Moving deeper into the trail, I found this fungus beetle (Eumorphus dilatatus turritus) hidding under a big bracket fungus.

The next beetle that I encountered was really an exciting one. I have been wanting to photograph this long horned beetle (Bartocera rubus) for a while and I finally got to do it on this trip.

Hidding in a crevice of a dead tree was this fungus beetle. Looks like it belongs to the Pleasing Fungus Beetle family (Erotylidae). This beetle does not have any of the nice marking found on the elytra of other Pleasing Fungus Beetles, but it is nevertheless an interesting beetle to be found on the trail.

Another tiny beetle found on the tree trunk.

Not too far from the place that I found the long horned beetle, was this slightly smaller long horn beetle (Acalolepta sp.) It was pretty alert when I found it and after a few flash shots, it flew away.

 Moving along, this little beetle were found on the tree trunks nearby.

Pressing on, I came across a tree and it was crawling with tiny ground beetles. There were altogether two different types of makings. The below beetle is called Pericalus figuratus.

The next beetle was Pericalus tetrasitigma. Loving colors don't you think?

 Another fungus beetle along the trail.

More fungus beetle?

 At almost the end of my walk, I came across this small Weevil Beetle that stayed pretty motionless at the base of a tree trunk.

At the very end of the trip came this long horned beetle (Acalolepta sp.).
Yes, although it was a tiring trip (as I almost got lost when trying to come out of the trail) it was a fruitful trip indeed. :)