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Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Walk Around The Neighbourhood (01 Feb 2013)

Just received my mail order of a LED ring light for my camera, so itching to go take some photographs with it. As the night falls, off I go to the wilder part of the neighbourhood to catch some night actions.

Sadly the number of critters that I came across is not as high as my excitement, but nevertheless I managed to get some photographs. I have been using my camera build in flash and using the LED ring light which also doubled as a flash, was a challenge. All my camera settings were not right which ended up with poorly taken photographs.

Here's what I encountered during this trip of testing the LED light. Do pardon the quality of the photographs.

First beetle that appeared was this Apogonia expeditionis,  which became extremely difficult to photograph when the wind was blowing non-stop at the location.

Moving on to the tree that I last saw many beetles and true enough there a couple of the Anomala variegata, that were having a wonderful feast with the leaves.

Then came the Adoretus compressus which hang gingerly unto the leaf, with the strong wind blowing.

More of the Apogonia expeditionis and the photography with the new LED lights proved to be a bigger challenge than expected. I was not able to get a good setting with my camera to match the light.

A beetle was on a piece of dead log and it became my test subject for the LED light. Soon the lights went off, it disappeared without a trace. Guessed it had enough of the flashing.

Just when I was about to leave the log that I noticed something that looked like a beetle. Looking closer confirmed it. It was a fungus weevil that camouflaged so well with the log.

In a nearby tree was this little beetle (2mm). This is one of the better shots that I managed to get using the new LED light, which honestly was not good at all. Notice the reflection of the LED ring light?

There was a fallen tree and on it I found this fungus weevil which looked different from the earlier one, given the much long antennae.

The night seemed to be a Apogonia destructor night where I found dozens of them feasting on the leaves. You can easily see why it is so named.

The highlight of the night walk was this 2cm long horned beetle, which stood pretty still for me to take a number of shots with it. Sadly the photographs using the LED light did not turn out so well.

More Apogonia destructor.

Just before the going back, I came a cross this little beetle which became very restless when my light was shining on it.

The last beetle for the trip was another Apogonia expeditionis which together with another dozen of them, feasting on a almost 'botak' plant.

The trip was not as fantastic as I was expecting but it did give me a feel of how to use the LED light. More adjustments needed.