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Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Morning Walk At Upper Seletar Reservior (02 Feb 2013)

After a dismal testing of the LED lights the night before, I decided to take a walk at the Upper Seletar Reservior in the morning to test out the LED lights again.

Just a stone's throw from the carpark was a plant that was full of this type of beetle. They look very much like a Leaf Beetle.

Moving further, there was a tree with a fungus beetle larvae. No adult fungus beetle was in sight.

Walking along a particular stretch of tall hedges, there were a number of the Hoplasoma unicolor flying around. The Hoplasoma unicolor seem to be in great abundance here.

Walking along a shaded trail, a tiny beetle caught my attention. It looked like a Net-winged Beetle but was completely black as compared to the bright red coloration of the other Net-winged Beetle found in Singapore.

Along the way was this little beetle at about 2mm in size. Looked like a leaf beetle.

This came as a pleasant surprise as I was not expecting to see this Tiger Beetle. In fact a few of them were busy running around the dead log.

Found a really tiny beetle, about 2mm. It was not an easy beetle to photograph, especially given the strong wind that was blowing at that time. Nevertheless, I managed to get a few decent shots of it.

Coming to a spot where there is a sand pit of sort, there were a few of this type of tiger beetle Cicndela aurulenta.

I moved into a small trail  and was hoping that there will be some interesting beetles. Not much actions except for this beetle. A ladybird?

Further down the trail, I came across this  really small weevil beetle. It is less than 2mm in size. Looking back, it was pretty amazing how I managed to spot it in the first place.

Another tiny beetle (3mm)...

This beetle was rather bold as it allowed me to photograph it for a while.

Just before I leave for home, this Net-Winged beetle came into my view finder.

This morning walk was pretty good with a good selection of beetles. Looking forward to the next walk.