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Monday, 11 February 2013

A Morning Walk At Venus Drive (12 Feb 2013)

The weather looked great for a morning walk, so Venus Drive's Tree Top Walk I went. The purpose was for a time to burn off all the Chinese New Year's goodies that I downed during the past two days. I took the camera along just in case that there are some beetles waiting to be photographed.

The trail was still pretty much wet due to the past few days of rain. Nevertheless, the place is nice and cool, with a fresh smell of jungle in the air.

Walking briskly did not stopped me from noticing the critters around and sure enough the very first beetle that I came across was a small 2mm leave beetle. Do pardon the quality of the photographs as I am still trying to get use to the Raynox Super Macro Lens.

After walking for almost 2 km before I noticed this Black Leaf Beetle resting on a leaf.

 After crossing the Tree Top Walk suspension bridge while climbing up the wooden stairs, this little colorful beetle appeared. It has a bluish metallic sheen on its elytra but it didn't turn out nicely under the camera flash.

Looping back after the suspension bridge, I found this shiny beetle on a leaf, perhaps still not fully awake due to the coolness of the air.

On the way down the wooden walkway, this weevil beetle was found clinging to a broken leave of a fish-tail palm.

Passing the Singapore Island Country Club, this little beetle (1mm in size) appeared as a black dot on a leave. As I zomed closer and found that it was a pretty little beetle with two red spot on its elytra. The color contrast between the red and black was outstanding.

 While I was happily snapping away on the tiny beetle, I saw a flash of blue at the corner of my eyes. I quickly turned from the view finder and found this lovely metallic blue colored beetle. What a wonderful find.

Moving along a narrow path, I saw a little beetle (3mm) underneath a palm leave. When I zoomed in with my camera, I was thrilled. It has such an interesting color combination. Pretty little beetle!

As I almost reached the end of the trail, my eyes were captured by two nicely colored flat worms. Just then, I saw a speck of red coloration (1mm) on the tree trunk where the two flat worms were. Zooming in with the camera and found this lovely beetle.

I didn't know what it was initially due to the dented elytra, as the dent made it looked like some fungus of sort. It was only when I zoomed closer that I saw the elytra that I recognised it to be a beetle. So glad that I have the Raynox macro lens as it gave really good close up without the distortions on the side that I experienced using my previous closeup filters.

Just when I am done with the tiny beetle that the sky suddenly turned dark and threatened to rain. It was a great trip as I managed to burn off some fats and at the same time, got some wonderful shots of beetles.