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Monday, 11 February 2013

A Short CNY Photo Session (11 Feb 2013)

Today is the second day of CNY and the weather is not fantastic but at least there were windows of sunshine here and there. While doing our CNY visitation, I managed to catch some actions in the backyards of relatives' home.

Not many shots but good enough to pacify the photo-trigger finger a little. The first beetle that came along was this tortoise beetle. I initially thought that it could be due to some sort of fungus infection but after seeing several of them at different locations, I am beginning to wonder if the white 'fungus' on the beetle is its natural coloration.

Another shot at the beetle. It looked too healthy for a sick fungus infected beetle.

 Last shot before it decided to fly off to somewhere more peaceful.

 Just as the tortoise beetle flew off, I spotted a tiny beetle of about 2mm. It is beautiful little beetle with a metallic sheen. If you looked closely at the beetle, you will see my reflection on the elytra of the beetle.

This is my favorite shot for this session. I particularly liked the contrast between the beetle and the green surrounding.

A closeup shot of the beautiful beetle.

 At another place, I found this tiny beetle (less than 0.5mm). To the naked eyes it just look like a  black speck. Although the Raynox macro lens is working pretty well, I still need to work on the depth of field to bring things back in focus.

Another shot of the beetle just before the rain came.

It was a good break from the CNY visitation routine and it made me think seriously that I need to bring  either a monopod or a tripod for all my 'beetle hunt' sessions.